James Bond Is 50!

 I can’t believe super-spy, ladies’ man, suave, gentleman, hitman, MI6 agent,,license-to-kill  James Bond 007 turns 50 this year! Wow, that’s 5 YRS older than me! There has been a total of something like 23 movies out and he’s been around since 1962. British author Ian Flemming wrote the original novels which were later turned into the  iconic movies and he himself was actually a spy in the war. The original James Bond in the books wasn’t quite the ladies man that he is in the films,however, and only had one girl per novel, unlike in the movies where he’s quite the man-whore! My all-time fave. Bond is Sean Connery, easily,and Roger Moore is second. My least fave. is the most recent Daniel Craig. I have nothing against him and nothing against him as an actor(and he’s fine in other roles); I just don’t see him as James Bond, likely because he has blonde hair whereas all the others had dark hair so I associate James Bond as being dark haired so it just doesn’t look like him or seem like the character. James was originally married in the first movie only his wife accidently died by being poisoned which was meant for him. I have seen all of the movies so far except for the newest one “Skyfall.” “Casino Royale” was even recently remade from the original in the 1960’s, and I read somewhere that they are making him less cultured now as well; instead of drinking his trademark martinis he’ll be drinking low-class  beer! Ugh. 50 YRS of Bond, Happy “Birthday”,James!!