“Breaking Amish” Episode # 9.

 In this week’s episode it was been 30 days since the Amish and Mennonite have left NYC and returned home. Sabrina back home arrived to her parents leaving on a mission trip but her father didn’t like the modern way she was dressed and she found out her  adoptive parents had lied to her all these YRS about her birth parents and that she wasn’t thrown in the trash by them as a newborn afterall and she was given a memento box her birth family had of her containing photos and letters of her growing up, proving that they did love her and where her birth mother stated in a letter written to her(that she never got) that she loved her but that they were unable to raise a child and that’s why she was put up for adoption. Jeremiah also visited Sabrina who said she felt “stalked” by him even though they did have sex twice in NYC and he was hoping to reconnect and they met up to discuss Abe and Rebecca’s engagement party(they are both in the wedding party) and discussed hiring strippers.

Kate also went out on a date with a guy she met at a nightclub(never a good idea; I mean, you don’t exactly meet good quality people at places like nightclubs and bars,afterall) they went to a restaurant and she found she didn’t like him once his” true personality” came out,Abe went and got his ears pierced as a sign he was no longer Amish and to prove he had left for good and Rebecca looked almost squeamish as she looked on. Sabrina’s new boyfriend Harry visited her as well and came across as a real jerk; controlling and domineering, asking if Jeremiah would be at Abe and Rebecca’s wedding(even though he is going to be in the wedding party!) asked why he still keeps texting her, acting posessive and jealous,worrying Jeremiah will try and get with her and said he’ll confront him and warned her to stay away from him,saying he’ll handle it if he comes around. Jeremiah for his part said he’s still interested in Sabrina and hopes they can get together(not knowing she’s moved on and is on to a new guy already) and she told him that she always  just liked him as a friend(even though she did have sex with him twice!!) but not as anything more and he was hurt and felt used and deceived that he meant nothing to her, that he was just like her “back up” plan,and she said she doesn’t want to be with anyone Amish which he said isn’t fair, and she was calling and texting him and leading him on all for nothing and he thought they had something.I felt badly for him.

The group also went to Atlantic City for the bachelor/bachelorette party before Abe and Rebecca’s wedding at a huge hotel which they found incredible and Sabrina said bars and casinos are sinful and evil to Mennonites and Rebecca agreed the same for Amish as well( personally I agree,too!) and Abe and Rebecca didn’t care for drinking and gambling and Abe said that’s not what he left the Amish for and it doesn’t appeal to him so while the others went off to gamble he and Rebecca went for a walk on the boardwalk instead where they discussed their upcoming wedding and she said it bothers her how all they talk about is money , how expensive everything is , how stressful the whole wedding planning is and that she just wishes she could run away and elope.Sabrina also got them a couples massage while the rest of the group decorated the hotel room in disgusting, vulgar, obscene, X-rated party favours such as a blow-up doll, penis straws, flashing penis necklace,handcuffs, etc., so inappropriate it was even blurred out and censored by the camera, and Jeremiah and Abe walked and discussed the wedding and Abe said he knew that Sabrina was “playing” Jeremiah, and Jeremiah said if he ever sees her new boyfriend he’ll tell him that he can have his “leftovers”.

At the party the group surprised Abe with a visit from his brother which brought a  mixed reaction; he was glad to see him but also concerned that his being there(when Abe was shunned for leaving the Amish community) would also result in the brother being shunned as well, and Abe and Rebecca had to wear shirts that complete strangers had to write on and sign with markers as they walked down the street and they wore a feather boa and top hat, and they arrived to find the room littered with sex toys and Rebecca took the underwear of the blow-up doll and said it was “weird” and “wouldn’t recommend it” (the sex themed party) and was embarrassed and the last straw was when the strippers arrived and both Abe and Rebecca stormed off in anger and disgust, yelling they don’t want “naked people in their face”,accusing Jeremiah of ruining their party and threatening to remove him from the wedding and never wanting to see him again. I’m personally glad Abe and Rebecca have morals and if it was me I would have done the same thing, and walked out,offended,too!

Next week is the series finale,along with a 2-part(spanning over 2 week) interview and catch up with the cast, hopefully answering the unanswered questions and coming clean about the secrets that are still hidden and a “spoiler” for next week said about the wedding “a shocking surprise is revealed” at the wedding….my guess: Abe and Rebecca’s child……we’ll have to wait and see!