History Repeats Itself.

 I can’t say I’m surprised that Obama has won the American election. I expected he would although I’d hoped that Romney would since Romney at least is pro-life and has morals, ethics and values(and as a businessman is more likely to be able to fix the economy), unlike Obama who is pro-abortion and pro-gay and goes against everything I believe in(although I DO support his universal health care for everyone; I have to give him credit for that) but I don’t think America is ready for a Mormon President as people fear and are suspicious of the Mormons and they fear what they don’t understand which is a form of discrimination in itself,actually. People also don’t like change(and I can understand that) and Obama was more popular as far as personality goes and unfortunately history does tend to repeat itself and to not learn from it’s mistakes and so the economy will continue to downfall, drones will continue to kill innocent people in the Middle East(who will be labelled “terrorists” for resisting) citizens will be able to be charged and held without trial, police brutality and human rights abuses will continue, USA will continue to act like the Policeman of the world, USA will likely attack Iran and continue to suck up to Israel,and the XL Keystone pipeline will be rejected so we will have to sell our oil to China (who is a willing and eager buyer) as USA can’t decide if it’s going to shit or get off the pot. Gays will continue to flaunt their sinful lifestyles and push for special rights, whores will continue to slaughter their pre-born children, Political Correctness will continue to indoctrinate society, Guantanamo Bay will continue to torture anyone who disagrees with  USA foreign policy and is deemed an enemy of the State,Syrians will continue to be killed off by their gov’t until no one is left because no one is doing anything to help them,etc. and it goes on and on….People who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

What A Loser!!

 It REALLY annoys, angers, frustrates, embarrasses, and irks me that my hubby is such a loser. He kept it well hidden for a long while until it was too late,and,in fact, in the beginning the only “inkling” of it was that he liked darts. Bit by bit his redneck upbringing and appalling lack of manners emerged and it’s not pretty,but by then it was too late. He eats with his fingers, drinks right out of the milk jug, slurps milk out of the cereal bowl by tilting the bowl up to his mouth, reads at the table, burps and farts with gleeful abandon and doesn’t say “Excuse me”, horks in the sink, on the sidewalk and road, etc, eats right out of the pie plate, wears his shoes indoors,etc,(it’s like he was raised in a barn!)and the only polite thing I’ve ever seen him do is take off his hat entering church or a restaurant! He also likes white trash things such as sports (hockey and baseball) darts, pool, UFC, bowling,cards,and the ultimate lowest form of “entertainment” wrestling, and watches the loser sports channels,likes redneck country music, and his redneck pasttimes always come first, even before the kids, and he’s just so ill-mannered, uncultured, uncouth,uncivilized,and the biggest redneck  loser I’ve ever met and comes from a low class family(that are a bad influence and I don’t let the kids around) full of drunks, drug addicts, and various other low-lifes that are well known to police and have been in jail ranging from assault to drug possession to drug dealing to theft. I have hoped over the YRS that he would have given up on his loser past and put it behind him but he hasn’t and now his redneck ways are rubbing off on the kids and he’s trying to turn them into losers too(despite my best efforts to thwart it) even though I have higher standards for my kids and want and expect  them to do better and to not be like him or his loser family. His poor manners are so bad he embarrasses me and I can’t go out in public with him and once at a restaurant he even snuck silverware into MY backpack  while I was in the washroom and I unwittingly walked out of the restaurant with it and then he jeered how *I* “stole”it! He thinks it’s all just a big joke but it seriously bothers me but he just doesn’t care.

As well, my hubby and 14 YR old mock me hating Canada and wanting to leave this country and jeer, “Where will you GO?” and snigger I’d “complain no matter where I live” and I’d “Still find something not to like somewhere else” and that I “Just like to complain” etc. but the truth is I’m just unhappy and I hate it here and they dismiss it and and discredit and even  try to take “away” my hopes and dreams of leaving as well, yet even Bryan Adams (one of Canada’s most famous singers and celebs) has lived in the UK for the past 20 YRS so I guess even HE doesn’t like it here, either,and I’m glad my mother’s gone on her trip for a week; it’s nice with her not here always meddling and interfering and always blaming me for everything,and no snide remarks and snarky comments and not coddling, over-indulging and excusing the 5 YR old all the time and with her NOT here always pampering him he’s actually been GOOD and been behaving the whole time she’s been gone,too, proving she IS the problem all along, and my hubby says even if the threat to me persists and escalates(as opposed to petering out and not being as bad as it appears it might become) instead of everyone moving(to flee the danger) that we should just stay and I just “fight” it(and see what happens) but I haven’t got it in me to do so; emotionally I couldn’t go thru that (AGAIN!)and can’t handle the stress of it all over again and my mother said if they DO come after me she’ll sell the house and the rest of us will leave, but HE can still stay if HE wants….