Lance Armstrong.

 I don’t follow cycling( I couldn’t care less about sports) but even I know what’s been going on with Lance Armstrong and how he’s been stripped of his titles due to allegations of performance enhancing drugs. I know of him from his “Livestrong” cancer foundation as when our son was diagnosed with leukemia 7 YRS ago I ordered one of the yellow rubber bracelets online in support of it and have worn it ever since. I personally don’t think he’s guilty.I think he’s just the “fall guy”. I think he’s amazing having survived cancer(and not “just” cancer but deemed terminal as it had spread and he was given a virtual death sentence yet he survived) and then also  being able to rise to the top of the cycling world. If he really was guilty of using drugs like they claim then why did he pass al the drug tests? Wouldn’t he have failed at least some of them? It just seems highly improbable that he’d never get caught on ANY of the random  tests! They say his entire team was guilty of taking the drugs too(and that it’s common practice among cyclists in general and a widespread practice) so then how come only HE got publically shamed as the scapegoat and stripped of his titles and not the rest of them if they’re all equally guilty?Why was he singled out to take the fall? I think he’s innocent(and he never did admit guilt) and they’re just either jealous of his success and are trying to bring him down and destroy him, or it’s like with crooked cops when there’s the one good one that can’t be corrupted and so the others all  gang up on him and set him up.Either way, he knows the truth and I guess that’s all that really matters.


As well, we ordered in pizza and I couldn’t figure out how to calculate the 15% tip (as I can’t do math) so when the delivery guy showed up at the door I had to call down the 14 YR old to come over and figure it out for me right  in front of him and I felt like such a dork. I hate being so stupid and he must have thought I’m such a retard. I hate being dumb.