Label Me.

 I saw this on another blog and thought it was a neat idea. If  I were to be labelled here’s what labels you would find me under:

“Ugly”: self-explanatory.

“Fat”: Speaks for itself.

“Pacifist”: I don’t believe in violence, killing, or war,and as such I don’t support the military, Imperialism, invasion of other countries, nationalism, stealing other countries’ resources, human rights violations,or oppression.

“Outcast”: I have never been like other people and have always been ostracized and never fit in or belonged and been on the outside looking in.

“Non-conformist”: I have never gone along with the crowd, done what’s “popular”, been a sheep mindlessly following the herd.

“Religious”: I have always had a strong faith and love of God and have always followed God and not the world,even if it seems I’m the only one doing it. This is the one thing that helps me survive my life and that gets me thru.

“Asperger’s Syndrome”, “Depression”, “Social Phobia”,”Marfan Syndrome”: No explanation needed but they limit and impair my life and make it even more of a struggle

“Mother”: Motherhood is a vocation and a blessing from God and it defines me and my life and other than my religious faith is the basis of my life.

“Homeschooler”: I have exclusively homeschooled my kids for the past 21 years now.

“Opinionated”: I have always said what I think and say it like it is, and have strong opinions,and if people get offended, too bad.

“Low Self-esteem”: Due to years of bullying, rejection, traumas, and unfortunate looks I have have no self-esteem and hate myself.

“Cursed”: I have always had bad luck and misfortune follow me like a black cloud my entire life and if it weren’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have any “luck” at all!

“Bereft”: My life has made me broken, beaten, damaged, and scarred by an incurable hurt that can never be repaired or healed and I am unable to be happy again.

“Strong-willed”: I just can’t be persuaded out of something, esp. when I know I’m right.

“Regretful”: I regret pretty much most of my life and wish I could go back and change most of it.

“Longing”: I am always longing for what I know I can never have and what will always be out of my reach, namely to be happy, to be loved, to pretty, and to be thin.

“Angry”: I am angry, hurt, and resent all the hurt, tragedies, misfortunes,bad luck, and traumas that have happened to me and keep waiting for my “break” to come in life but it never does.

“Tired”: I am tired of being me and having to live this life and wish that I was someone else with someone else’s life.

“Unhappy”: I just wish I knew what I knew what I need to do to be happy.

“Long suffering”: I have had enough of this shit and want out.

“Daydreaming”: I am always daydreaming; wishing of another life, remembering my happy childhood and wishing I could go back, trying to live in the past, dreaming of an escape from my unhappy life now.