Remembrance Day.

Today is Remembrance Day, a day that *used* to be to remember and honour those that died in WWI and WWII to protect our freedom(which is honourable and just) but now has since been expanded to incl. our military today incl. those vets in Afghanistan which was an unjust war and they had no right being there, so in protest I refuse to wear a poppy despite the propaganda that everyone is expected to do so(But I was never one to follow the crowd and I’m not about to start now!) The face of war has drastically changed over the years; it used to be to defend our freedom from Nazi tyranny and to protect peace but now it’s just all about invading other countries to take their resources or to punish or dictate your will onto them, such as in the 50’s and 70’s the Korean War and Vietnam War; it was USA’s attempt to stop Korea and Vietnam from becoming Communist simply because they didn’t want them to be even though the countries themselves DID and ultimately ended up, and in the present day the Iraq War was all about oil;  Americans stealing their oil under the false pretext of eliminating “weapons of mass destruction” even though none were found to have existed, and our troops in Afghanistan when Afghanistan has never been a threat to us and it was NOT “peace keeping” when they were over there raping and killing innocent civilians, and now with USA and Israel threatening to attack Iran for possibly having nuclear capabilities even though many other countries(incl. USA and Israel) also do.

I refuse to wear a poppy(even when everyone else does) as it supports the military who support killing and war, and I don’t believe in mass indoctrination, political brainwashing, and social engineering,and instead of honouring the troops I honour,remember, and pray for the innocent VICTIMS of war, and pray for peace, but I AM thankful for those who genuinely try to maintain peace but not those who kill for a living, who invade and oppress,who wage war, who create orphans and refugees,displace families, injure and maim,etc. Jesus was non-violent and I, like the Buddhists, Hare Krishnas, Anabaptists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc. am a pacifist and  will never support the military, killing, and war or anything that  supports it. I only support peace and although I honour the heroes of WWI and WWII that really did die for freedom it’s not the same today and I refuse to support the troops of today and this is why you won’t see me wearing a poppy.


As well,whenever I set the PVR to record my shows it erases it as if it was never programmed to record( I think it hates me) and when I get mad(because it’s always MY stuff it happens to) my hubby snarls,”Stop yakking!!” and is always condescending and talks down to me and treats me like a child(just like my mother does) and then accuses me of acting like one,and I hate being dumb  and it embarrasses me in front of other people and in public(like when I’m at a store and can’t figure out the change when I buy something because I can’t do the math and the clerk knows I’m stupid)and then it worsens my Social Phobia and makes me withdraw and hate myself even more,and I was also called a “troll” on a site because my opinion was different than everyone else’s(like it always is) and that my posts are “always controversial” and so as a result  I was accused of stirring things up on purpose even though I don’t mean for it to be, and don’t purposely do it, or offend people on purpose, yet everyone always hates me; it’s just that with my Asperger’s I have a different reality,have a different way of seeing things, and am not like other people and I’m never accepted as part of any group and never fit in or belong anywhere and people are always taking what I say the wrong way and ganging up on me and attacking me and it really hurts .I’m used to not being “popular” but I just wish I wasn’t always picked on just because I’m different.I still have the right to my opinion even if it’s not the same as everyone else’s.So much for “tolerance”!

I also had this bad sinus headache for days with pain and pressure behind my eyes, and crackling face, and then a bad headache on just one side of my head ; on the left side ,and that’s the first time it’s ever happened like that; I’ve always had headaches over my entire head, and my mental decline is getting worse as well; I mix up spelling “shoe” and “show” and have increasing problems spelling now as well (and I used to be a really good speller) and reversing words and letters so it’s good I’m getting the MRI in a couple of weeks as whatever it is that’s causing it is getting worse…