10 Things.


1. My hubby’s been putting up the outdoor Christmas lights for the past few weeks now(as we have so many) so I really hope after all this that we don’t have to end up moving afterall, or all this work all for nothing,and then having to take it all down again!

2. The head of the CIA had to resign due to an extra marital affair; ha, ha, serves him right; these people somehow always  think they can get away with it and the rules don’t apply to them.

3. My hubby lied: I heard him say he was going to buy the kids a video game and then he changed his mind when they mentioned it again and said not only was he not going to get it for them he denied ever saying it and said *I* lied for saying I heard him say it even though he DID!!

4. I was saying I want to move to Ireland( for many reasons) and my hubby snickers, “You’ll find something THERE that you don’t like, either!” always trying to discredit me and destroy  and put a damper on my hopes and dreams.

5. I hate my big boobs and they’re so so big that they always  squish together under my shirts and mash together into one gigantic boob in the centre of my chest.

6. The 9 YR old said she wants a baby sister but I told her it’s too late now; the baby factory is closed; I’m too old now (I’m almost 46)

7. In Mass yesterday they sang “O Canada” for Remembrance Day but I refused to in an act of silent protest as I hate this country and it’s intrusive Big Brother policies and liberal permissive anything-goes moral attitude.

8. The 18 YR old said my mother is the “glue that hold the family together” which is hurtful as when she was away I not only did my usual work but took over HERS as well, doing 2 people’s work all on my own,  and kept the house running but no one noticed, thanked me, or appreciated it but only complained that I don’t do it like she does and that they missed her but when I go away they never miss me!

9. If I could be any animal I’d be a hippo.

10. It got to a balmy 17 C here (and we even got a thunderstorm overnight the other day) yesterday and it supposed to be the same today  but Winnipeg got 50 cm of snow and I wonder if winter has “forgotten” about us?