“Breaking Amish” Reunion Part # 1.

 In part one of the special “Breaking Amish” reunion interview Jeremiah and Rebecca said that since the show they notice that people judge them alot, Abe and Rebecca said going to NYC was a big “culture shock” and they wanted to go home and Sabrina “hated” it but Jeremiah loved it and was eager to jump in and try new things. The cast was asked what everyone said about eachother, things they did and about first impressions and how they got along.  Kate and Sabrina also tried to justify hiding Rebecca’s false teeth by saying she was mean to them first, was a bitch, and didn’t accept them, and Sabrina said Rebecca’s crack about her “always eating” hurt her as she used to have a weight problem and weigh over 200 pounds and then was anorexic so it brought back bad memories,and Rebecca said she never knew and it was just a joke,and added that she doesn’t make friends easily and that people have hurt her, used her and taken advantage of her so that she keeps guarded and defensive and always has a “wall” up and Jeremiah admitted that he’s a “bitch!”

As for Kate, Jeremiah and Sabrina’s drinking too much Rebecca said she doesn’t like drunks and that they’re not funny, Abe says he drinks but just socially but not to get drunk. Jeremiah argued that he’s a “better” drunk than Kate and “takes responsibility” for it and they showed clips of “Crazy Kate” and discussed her erratic mood swings which Kate replied that “everyone has” and they all agreed but Jeremiah said hers affected everyone else  and was more severe(I still think she has bipolar disorder myself and needs help)and Kate admitted it was hard seeing herself on tape and having everyone discuss that about her.They accused her of being difficult and she explained that she just needs private time alone to have peace.

Kate had also accused Sabrina  of witchcraft and Kate explained that she didn’t really know what was going on or what that was all about, just that she was scared in the city and out of her element and that she feared people in the city did it but she really didn’t think Sabrina and Jeremiah did it, and Sabrina had accused her of “flip camming” her in the middle of the night by the side of the bed and babbling about monsters and freaking her out but there was never any camera footage of it and later admitted that perhaps it had all been a nightmare and regrets she hurt Kate and wishes she had handled it better and could fix it. Abe and Rebecca had thought it might have been a ploy at the time for Sabrina and Jeremiah to get Kate out of the room so they could share a room together which hurt Kate and Rebecca said she hates to see people cry and when Kate was so hurt and Kate said she was hurt and likes Sabrina and it hurt her when she was cast aside. Abe and Rebecca also said they slept together during the show as did Jeremiah and Sabrina but that they drunk both times and she made him stop and it was stupid and a mistake she regrets.

Jeremiah said he no longer has feelings like that for Sabrina but just as a friend and wasn’t in love with her but DID have feelings for her and she said she likes him like a brother and that they’re friends now. They discussed Amish having sex with animals and said they got alot of hate over those comments and Jeremiah said it’s common in his community and happens alot, Abe said it doesn’t in his,only rarely, Jeremiah said it occurs many times,Kate said it was disgusting,and Jeremiah admitted it can happen anywhere, not just with the Amish.All of the group was shunned by their families when they left and Rebecca’s grandparents had moved but she didn’t know the entire story and she was shocked but the’re back in touch now and visit monthly but is shunned and don’t really discuss things,and that usually when people are shunned by their family that in a few months they come around and start talking again, Abe’s mom got shunned for visiting him but it meant alot to him that she did, and they still talk but seldom and he doesn’t want to endanger her with her church,Jeremiah doesn’t talk to his parents although he does keep in touch with his sisters, Kate talks to her family but they’re not close knit; just to check in,and Sabrina keeps in touch with her family.

Next week is the last episode of the series, part 2 of the reunion interview, and the preview looks like things really get heated: Jeremiah is confronted over his ex wife’s allegations of domestic abuse,angering him, and Abe is asked if he’s the father of Rebecca’s baby and he and Rebecca get enraged and defensive…..we’ll have to wait and see what they say and what we find out, but at least it looks like they’re finally coming clean and facing the questions that viewers have been asking for weeks….

“Breaking Amish” Finale.

 In the final episode Abe called security to remove the strippers from the bachelor party as he and Rebecca were mad, offended and disrespected , but Abe’s brother and Jeremiah enjoyed it, Sabrina said they “over reacted” and Abe said they have no respect and that his brother is a hypocrite then Rebecca dropped a bombshell that she “has a daughter”; a baby that her ex husband denied was his and Abe refused to discuss(I remember reading on the Internet that while she was married to her ex husband that Abe was also living with them and they’d begun an affair, making me wonder if Abe is the father of the baby) and Jeremiah says “everyone does”(has strippers) and Abe said it’s wrong and is considering kicking him out as Best Man at the wedding.

Sabrina also called her boyfriend to come visit her, upset about the stripper fiasco and he arrived as she was talking with Jeremiah and the boyfriend confronted him, and started poking him and security had to break them up,Kate had 2 fashion shoots, one was for  a magazine and was told she had potential,Abe and Rebecca planned their wedding details wanting to incorporate Amish themes and food, saying they still have morals and didn’t give up the Amish beliefs completely and still respect people, and Jeremiah and Sabrina were shocked and disbelieving they were never told about the baby but when pressed for more details Rebecca wouldn’t say who the father is saying it was a private matter that didn’t need to be discussed and said she didn’t like Jeremiah and never will. Her and Abe also shopped for wedding clothes with the men in the wedding party incl. Jeremiah and Abe’s brother  and Jeremiah complained the suits reminded him of dressing Amish all over again and Abe mentioned his parents wouldn’t be attending the wedding(neither would Rebecca’s) as his mother disobeyed the bishop by coming to NYC to visit him and was shunned for 2 months and he felt badly and didn’t want to get her into any more trouble on his behalf.

Abe and Rebecca unloaded typical Amish church benches and set them up in a corn field outdoors for the wedding and Sabrina remarked that they smelled bad and that she was grateful to have been raised Mennonite instead and Rebecca said they were very hard on your ass to sit on for hours during church services, Abe’s cousin who had left the Amish years ago arrived and will be at the wedding ,Rebecca and Sabrina had their hair and make up professionally done, as the guys were getting ready for the wedding Jeremiah told Abe it’s not too late to back out, warning him as he’d had a bad marriage but Abe said he didn’t want to; that he was nervous but loved Rebecca, who noticed a “diamond” was missing from her dress but Sabrina assured her no one would notice,as Abe shaved and the guys got dressed Jeremiah joked  to Abe that he “had a face only a mother could love” but once in his tux that he looked so good that “even I would marry you looking like that!” and they all did look nice in their black suits accented in pink .

For the wedding Kate arrived late as the ceremony had already begun, Jeremiah was impressed when he saw Sabrina and said she looked nice,and she sung “Amazing Grace”( which also happens to be one of my fave. hymns, too!) at the wedding and Abe said he missed his family but he was happy as he has Rebecca, at the reception dinner Sabrina said she thinks her boyfriend Harry secretly likes Jeremiah and wants to be his friend, and Jeremiah and Abe’s brother secretly snuck in alcohol even though they were told no alcohol at the wedding and Jeremiah cracked that he “wasn’t done harrassing” Abe and Rebecca and Abe had secretly hired a limo for Rebecca, remembering how she had admired one back in NYC.

As the show concluded, it recapped what the cast members were up to now and:

Kate was hired for a one year modelling contract and moved to NYC.

Jeremiah apologized to Sabrina and said he did have true feelings for her and wants her to be happy even if it means with someone else.He is now dating a new girl and  they have moved in with Sabrina and are all friends. He also said he wants to still keep in touch with all his cast mates.

Sabrina still does date Harry and has reconciled with her adoptive family and hopes to meet her biological siblings.

Abe and Rebecca have joined a Christian church and still have contact with their families. They are raising the baby and as of the present are unsure where they are going to settle down and live.