Caribbean Trip.

 My mother and 16 YR old returned from their Caribbean cruise. It was my mom’s 4th time there, my daughter’s first time there( although we did take her to Europe when she was 9  and  to California when she was 11) and I’ve been there twice. I have spent a total of  3 weeks there in total and have seen 3/4 of the islands. This time they went to St. Maarten, St. Thomas, and Grand Turk. They were to go to the Bahamas as well except it was damaged due to Hurricane Sandy and it was cancelled so they were only able to go to 3 ports instead of 4. They had to go thru the naked body scanner at the airport in Miami(which probably is more revealing and shows more private parts than my upcoming MRI will) which is exactly why I now refuse to fly to USA anymore or even to connect thru there and now bypass it entirely as I find it a gross invasion of privacy, decency, and modesty and refuse to submit myself to such a degrading indignity(not that anyone would WANT to see this disgusting blubbery lard-ass in all it’s glory buck naked anyway!).

Since the 16 YR old dresses like a Goth/Punk (all in black, chains, spikes, studs, dog collars,etc.) and has wildly spiked hair dyed a flaming red alot of people took photos of her and one guy (a native on one of the islands) quipped,”Hallowe’en’s OVER!” and an old man in the elevator on the ship scolded her, “People will get the wrong impression!” (dressing like a freak) and she shot back, “I don’t know you and you don’t know me so I don’t CARE what you think!” I’d also asked my mom to bring me back Rasta stuff as a souvenir(like beaded bracelets,necklaces,hats, and things like I saw before when I was there) and she said this time they never had any(so she ended up just getting me a shirt and a watch)although I find hard to believe, and when she asked one of the locals he hissed back at her in offence, “This ISN’T Jamaica you know!” and she replied, “Well, it still is the Caribbean!” They had a nice time but surprised me to return without a sun tan even though the temperature was in the 30 C range all the time, except for the one day they said they had torrential rain!


As well, I went to the lab and had my pre-MRI blood work done and I wasn’t stressed about having it taken but rather about having to wait for an HR or so like I had to last time….only this time I was in and out quickly, in like 15 minutes(I had arrived  early at 7: 30 am) which was a nice surprise and now they are even making appointments ahead of time(as opposed to walk-ins) which will make it more convenient for the future, and I asked why would I need blood work for my kidneys to be tested for a brain MRI and they said because of the contrast dye, so I guess it’s hard on the kidneys(but I did have the dye injected  already before when I had the lung scan back in June and I was ok) and ironic,too: I never felt a thing when I got jabbed with the needle for the blood to be taken….yet shortly after when I got home I got this huge paper cut and that really DID hurt and really did bleed(and it makes it hard to type as well with a band-aid on the tip of my middle finger!).My mom also says that paper cuts are trees’ revenge. 🙂