When I was 17…..

 When I was 17:

It was 1984.

I moved to California.

I was in grade 11.

I wanted to be a flight attendent when I graduated.

I had a black Chihuahua named Yuri.

I was in love with someone for a YR and would be for the next 3 YRS and be  my True Love I thought I’d marry but he’d end up gay, never love me back,and would break my heart.

Billy Idol’s “Eyes Without A Face” was my fave. song and still would be to this day.

I read “Seventeen” magazine.

I had short hair.

I still had hopes and dreams.

I was in love with Paul McCartney.

I got the second-highest grade in my typing class.

I had a pair of funky checkered shoes(I still do, although a different pair as it burned in the fire years later)

I liked Rod Stewart, Scandal, Slade, Laura Branigan, Tina Turner,Prince, Cyndi Lauper,etc.

I was starting in my third highschool.

Microwaves and VCR’s were just starting to come out.

The InterNet hadn’t been known yet.

“Three’s Company” was my fave. TV show.

I looked like I was about 12 years old.

My best friend was my friend’s younger brother.

I had an Atari video game system and a Comodore 64 computer.

My fave. school subject was geography.

I still had never been out on a date or kissed a boy(that wouldn’t come for 4 more years!).

I washed my face with “Seabreeze.”

I was thin.

I liked the Indiana Jones movies.

I had a funky pair of denim overalls with lots of pockets and zippers on it.

I didn’t have CD’s yet but old-fashioned  LP’s and 45 records and cassette tapes.

I thought I would have 4 kids when I grew up: 2 boys and 2 girls.