Favourites, Lasts,Etc.

 Favourite book: “A Return To Love”.

Favourite Recent Movie: ” W.E.”

Favourite Restaurant: Costa Brava

Favourite TV show: : Degrassi”

Favourite beauty product: Noxzema facial cleansing cream

Favourite song: “Eyes Without A Face”

Favourite  perfume scent: “Neiges”

Favourite thing to do with the kids: “One-eyed Buttle”( an inside-joke with the 9 YR old) and “Cut The Mustard”

I never leave home without: a tampon in my purse.

I have an irrational fear of: being shot.

I am self-conscious about: my weight

My idea of a good time: sitting at the beach, on the sand, in the sun, listening to the waves of the ocean, reading a good book.

My husband says I’m most sexy when: I am wearing nothing but one of his shirts.

I find peace of mind: in my quiet alone prayer time with God.

My last good laugh: With the 9 and 11 YR olds over this joke about a half-naked man on a horse(don’t ask!)

Last joke played on me: “Made you look!” ( the 9  YR old’s always getting me on this one!)

Last thing I purchased for the house: leaf bags

Last movie I saw: “The Artist”

Last romantic thing I did: flashed my hubby my boobs

Last thing I do before bed:go pee

Last thing I ate: toasted bagel