No More Twinkies?

 I was heartsick to hear that due to greedy unions that Hostess would be bankrupt and shutting down and there would no longer be any more cupcakes and Twinkies! I remember I used to bring them to camp with my lunch as a kid and we still eat them, so we rushed out to the grocery yesterday and stocked up on them, but then later learned on the news that it only affects USA and we’ll still be getting them here since Saputo recently  bought out Hostess and they’ll still be making them here! Whew! Isn’t that a switch though; usually they get everything in USA and we get nothing here, like a certain cookbook my mother’s been looking for only to be told it’s not available in this country.We’ll have to see if we can order it online and this happens alot and often we have a big list of items we have to get when we’re in USA and pick them up while we’re over there as there’s so many things we can’t get here as Canada sucks and it gets me so mad too how my hubby always defends it, and he always has to contradict everything I say all the time,too! He also took the kids out redneck bowling and snickered to me, “I don’t see YOU teaching them anything cultured!” when I’M the one always counter-acting HIM trying to turn them into redneck losers like HE is and I DO have certain expectations for my kids and it’s NOT asking too much to NOT want them to be white trash! He also sneered, “You’re not a saint!” but I never said I WAS, but at least I’m NOT a redneck, either!

My hubby was downloading something on his computer right at the same time I sat down to use my computer as well, and couldn’t do it before or after, but of course it HAD to be right when I was using it(and I really didn’t need to start off my morning like that,either!) and then he mocked me when I got mad (because nothing would load and I couldn’t use it until he was done)and was fed up that I’m always the one that’s disrupted and inconvenienced and that no one cares,and the saddest thing is that I’ll die never experiencing love, passion, or romance and that I’ll have lived my entire  life longing for it but never knowing what it’s like, and we also got the snow tires put  on the van as well and now just have to wait for the snow, and the rednecks here slashed the 12 leaf bags we have out the front waiting for pick up and dumped the bags upside-down and scattered the leaves all over making a big mess; the losers here are always vandalizing and causing trouble; I just  hate this town so much, and the gov’t’s also trying to ban tanning beds for people under 18 and my mother actually agrees and said,”We need rules or else we’d have anarchy and it would be like the Old West!” but I see it as just more Big Brother Nanny State gov’t intrusion  and regulation taking away our choices and rights and  infringing on our freedom again.

The watch my mother got me on her trip doesn’t work either; it figures, I always get the dud of everything( I must be a “jinx”) and I drooled over the “People” magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” issue and now I have to go back to Confession again for my lustful thoughts, my friend in Israel lives in the area where the escalating rocket attacks are and I’m worried about him and his family and we were there at just the right time too, in-between all the unrest, terrorist attacks, and violence, and I pray for everyone involved, on both sides, and  for peace and a quick end and resolution to the conflict, and since I don’t have hair(as I’m bald) to change I decided to change my blog format but noticed when I did the second post I’d do each time  only showed an image and not a title or tags and when I looked into it the “format” info showed it was always automatically set to “image” instead of “standard” like it should be so I had to go back and re-do it but I have to for each post and I’m not going back and re-doing it for the past 22 000 or so posts I’ve done over the past 4 YRS so if you noticed every second post doesn’t have a title you’ll know why.