St. Therese.

 I love St. Therese, The Little Flower. She is my fave. Saint. I like to see her as my Heavenly best friend and I love her like a sister. I look forward to meeting her one day in Heaven. She and I have shared similar struggles, mainly with depression and not fitting in.She had promised that she “Send down a shower of roses from Heaven” and she has interceded many times for me; I have prayed to her for help and as an answer to my prayer she has sent roses as reassurance too many times to count, and in many different ways and she  has never let me down.Over the past month or so I have been having a particularly worrisome pressing  problem that has been causing me a great deal of stress, anxiety,and worry,and sleepless nights, and faithful as always she continues to comfort me with roses on a daily basis,and not just the typical one or two, but several;they just keep coming, and the most was the other day, 20 roses, my most ever on a single day,and every day she continues to keep sending me a great many roses to comfort and reassure me everything will be ok , that things will work out, and that I’ll be safe, and I have no reason to not trust her now. I have also made a photo album on Facebook of St. Therese and have her  prayer cards I got from church, a St. Therese Rosary, and have a picture of her up on my bedroom wall. I can feel her watching over me and am grateful to have a wonderful Heavenly friend and intercessor like her!


As well, the kids are excited to get the new Wii U Deluxe Set later today(they pre-ordered it), my Israeli friend said 2 rockets were launched to Tel Aviv which is only 15 km from where he lives and 4 of them did hit Ashdod which is one of the cities I was at a few years ago(as well as Haifa, Jerusalem, Nazareth, Bethlehem,Gaza, Golan Heights,and West Bank), and my mother said for the kids to just miss Mass to go the Santa Claus parade(as always not valuing God or church) but they’re NOT missing church for a stupid parade and church comes FIRST,and I’m furious that once again my hubby went behind my back and snuck the kids out of town to visit his loser redneck brothers(one is a drunk and the other and his wife post on Facebook glorifying drugs and alcohol for the whole world to see) again despite my objections, even though he knows how I feel; they’re a bad influence and I don’t want the kids around them but he just disregards my feelings and even told the 9 YR old to lie to me and tell me that no one else was with them, not wanting me to know they saw his family,and my mother said, “Everyone has SOMEthing!” and I told her,”NOT everyone takes DRUGS; that’s a BIG ‘something’, and I don’t want the kids around bad people and it’s my JOB to keep them safe and to raise them right!” I’m so sick and tired that I’m always being over-ruled,undermined and sabotaged,lied to, deceived,  that my thoughts and feelings don’t matter, and that no one ever backs me up or is on my side; I ‘m always so alone in everything and I’m so tired of it!

I was horrified as well to see on the news that a school friend of mine’s mother was murdered and her father’s in critical condition and they don’t know if he did it or if someone else broke into the house and did it,and this is the second person I know who’s been murdered,too; I worked with a girl back in the 80’s who was murdered by her boyfriend; he slit her throat and her 12 YR old daughter found her. I’m just shocked and stunned, it’s so hard to believe. I also watched a spiritual seminar online and they were saying how society has morally decayed and they’re so right; it has decayed and it’s spread and society has collapsed due to it and given in to sense gratification(sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc) and the way the gov’t can control the population is also by dumbing it down thru the media ,propaganda, indoctrination, etc. and I can certainly see that happening all right with mindless  and immoral TV shows like “The Simpsons” and “The Bachelor”, etc. and with what they’re brainwashing in the public schools nowadays with the radical gay and feminist agenda and the enviro indoctrination, etc. society is in such a sad amoral state and declined into  hedonism,godlessness, and brutality  like  the ancient Roman Empire!