The Hemmoroid.

 I have a hemmoroid. It’s the most annoying thing ever and a literal pain in the ass. I had them before when I was prego with the youngest, now age 5 ,and I have it again now, I suspect due to the irritation from the  diarrhrea I’ve been having (I suspect I might have Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Chrons, or Colitis or something as 5 out of 7 days a week I have cramps, gas,and diarrhrea). At first I thought it might have been a “will not” (A little piece of shit that sticks to your ass and WILL NOT come off, a human version of a dog’s dingleberry) but further inspection showed it to be a hemmoroid. Just “great”.It makes me feel like a dog that wants to do a Bootyscoot, a Sleigh Ride, or carpet surfing; dragging my butt across the grass for relief. For now I just put Witch Hazel and a heating pad on it for relief but the darn thing is always rubbing and letting it’s presence being known in the most annoying and uncomfortable way and I hope it goes away soon.Ugh.It’s just maddening!

As well, I saw this redneck, obviously pregnant, smoking, and my hubby added to the outdoor Christmas lights, this time with gaudy light up candy canes and a 6 foot tall illuminated multi-coloured tree atop the balcony. Oh, gawd, it’s soooo tacky and I fear our house will make the front page of the local paper  this YR as the tackiest decorations in town and I’ll never be able to show my face in public ever again! To make it even worse he even wanted to get those hideous blow-up inflatable things and even a gigantic Yoda, but I warned him over my dead body!

Christmas Decor.

 We got 2 evergreen hanging plants with red bows, red sprigs of something-or-other, and pine cones to hang out on the front porch( where we normally hang the flowers in spring) for Christmas(I just hope no one steals it as the rednecks here steal everything!) and we decorate big-time for Christmas and it takes lots of work and lots of preparation so we space it out over a period of weeks as it’s too much work to do all at once. Similiarily we undo all the decorations bit by bit and not all at once as well. For the past 6 weeks or so my hubby has also been putting up the outdoor Christmas lights, every YR adding more and more to the collection, and we have so many now our house is beginning to look like Snoopy’s doghouse from the Peanuts’ “Charlie Brown Christmas” TV special and once it’s all lit up I bet they can even see it from space! I also decorate indoors with garland around the staircases, things on the walls and on the mantels and tables,candles, put wreaths up on the doors and windows (which I did a few days ago) and next weekend the outside lights go on(the day of the Santa Claus parade) and later this week we’ll be putting up the tree. We used to always get a real tree until 2 years ago when the water overflowed and flooded the hardwood floor staining and ruining it, leaving an ugly black stain we never could get rid of(I had to put a rug over it to hide it!) so now artificial it is.

As well, I watched 5 spiritual discourses online over the weekend and now my back is killing me from sitting so long I can hardly move(just like on long flights I’m practically paralyzed!) and I don’t hear well so I likely only got about 25 % of it,and my brain decline and forgetfulness is getting so bad too I couldn’t remember the word “butterscotch” and struggled to think of it, and the kids got the new Wii U Deluxe Set(so I know what they’ll be doing for the next while) in  black , and it wasn’t compatable with the old TV in the rec-room so we had to move it into the livingroom with the new Smart TV and the controller reminds me of a big DS,  and in Mass yesterday the priest was saying the 4 signs of the Last Days are: wars, increased natural disasters, false prophets,and persecution of Christians, which we are definitely in right now, but also not to be afraid as it’s only the evil people that have have turned away from God and that are sinful and follow the world that will be destroyed; that God will save His people so if you’re good and live a clean moral  life you don’t have anything to worry about, just trust in Him.

As for my not wanting the kids to have anything to do with my hubby’s loser redneck family he says he wants them to “be exposed to all kinds of different people” as well and I’m all for diversity, just not bad influences; DIFFERENT people, yes, BAD people, NO; I just don’t want them around people that drink alcohol and take drugs and that’s NOT unreasonable, and I read an article about a mother like me that has Asperger’s and also like me she was accused of being “cold” and a “bad mother” because she doesn’t bond with her kids and doesn’t feel affectionate towards them and doesn’t enjoy being a mother and finds it hard and struggles with it and apparantly that’s completely normal and common with Asperger’s(as not being able to connect with people is typical), and she was accused of even having a personality disorder until she found out it was Asperger’s and then it all made sense! Just like with me; it explains so much!