“Breaking Amish” Reunion # 2.

 In the final “Breaking Amish” reunion  the cast was faced with questions about the ongoing controversy and online rumors from fans that they are not who they seem, about scandals, and if they are actors. They denied being actors and that the show is a fake and Abe accused the “detractors” of being ex-Amish or friends of the Amish who just want to make them “look bad” for leaving,Sabrina said that they “party” and are a bunch of “liars” and Rebecca said they’re “just jealous.” Kate hardly spoke much at all during the entire interview,and,in fact, was pretty quiet. Most of the questions were aimed at Jeremiah, Abe and Rebecca, who seem to have most of the controversy aimed at them. Abe remarked that those that criticize them are “ignorant” and “want to destroy” them,but personally I think people are just tired of being lied to and deceived and want the truth; I know I am.

They were also accused of “making lots of money” off the show and admitted that they made 50 000$ each when asked where the money came from and said that they didn’t grow up with alot and hinted that as such that they were entitled to this,Abe said he did the show to educate people about the Amish,Kate did it for the experience and to show that Amish people aren’t “perfect”, Jeremiah admitted he had been living “English” for awhile, and had left the Amish many times and went back and will always be Amish,Sabrina admitted she had been married before but that it didn’t work out as their lives took separate paths but that he’s a great guy and she’ll always love him and they’re in the process of divorcing,and mentioned online photos of her wedding that appeared to be “modern” but she said were, in fact, actually Mennonite, and admitted she had “rebelled” as a Mennonite and used “Sun-In” to lighten her hair.Kate added that many young Amish get dressed up in modern clothes on Saturday nights as well and “let loose”, sneaking out, and Rebecca admitted to doing so, even wearing a bikini as online photos of her from the past have surfaced and she admitted to(but seemed shocked had been discovered) and isn’t as conservative or modest as she’s been letting on all this time!

Kate said she’s worked as a waitress in a restaurant and that Amish ave been known to work outside their communities, and now lives in Florida but hopes to return to NYC to pick up and continue with her modelling which has stalled for awhile, and as for her DUI conviction she has been to court and gone to 2 classes and has 2 months’ probation. Jeremiah was described as the resident “Bad Boy” ( and looked like a drunken redneck on the reunion I thought) and was confronted with accusations his ex-wife made of him being abusive towards her during their marriage which he denied but he spent 3 days in jail due to. He admitted they have 3 kids(ages 3, 5,and 7) but the court threw the charges out on the domestic violence and the ex-wife went to a women’s shelter when she left the house(Jeremiah said as she had nowhere else to go when she left) and he was arrested but the case was dismissed and he denies being abusive or stalking her as she claims(and I noticed Kate looked sad listening to it all), but admitted in the past he failed to pay child support but that he does now and sees his kids regularly, and added that he admits to “messing up” in his past but that we al do.

Abe was also shown a past mug-shot of himself that surfaced on the Internet taken when he was arrested at 18 for public intoxication(even though on the show he was staunchly portrayed as anti-drinking) and he claimed he was with friends that got pulled over and he was underage and got arrested, and didn’t want to discuss his brother, saying they don’t get along and don’t like eachother, which I found odd since the brother did travel all the way for his wedding, something I doubt you’d do for someone you weren’t close to, esp. at the risk of being shunned to do so, Jeremiah again said how Amish guys don’t do housework, Rebecca couldn’t seem to remember at what age she got her teeth pulled( and it seeemed to me the behaviour of someone caught in a lie and desperately trying to quickly think of an answer that will be believed in a hurry) and settled on “when she was in her teen YRS” and said it wasn’t a “punishment” as some people seemed to think, but rather as her teeth were in bad shape and it needed to be done.The biggest issue was also if Abe and Rebecca knew eachother and were dating before the show and if her baby was Abe’s and they were very defensive and angry when questioned about it and denied everything ,refusing to answer. They denied living together or even dating before the show aired(even though her ex-husband’s Facebook page he claimed they DID,and, in fact, that Abe was even living with them while they were married and she cheated on him with Abe and then took off with him,and also said she had sex with Abe’s brother as well, which might also explain why Abe and his brother don’t get along!) even though her baby is almost 2 YRS old now(and Abe is widely speculated to be the father(although it could also be his brother’s) and Rebecca admitted it was her child but refused to say who the father is and refused to talk about it,and said she and Abe were “just friends” before and “knew eachother” but never had a relationship”(which I think it the biggest lie portrayed on the show) and when asked Rebecca said people can think whatever they want and if people think they were already a couple all they have to do is “just watch the show” and the others were defending them as well and sticking up for them, although in their defense I don’t think they knew the truth about their past before the show and only met them during filming and didn’t know about their pasts.

Signing up for the show they also must have known that their personal lives and pasts would come out and be exposed for the world to see and shouldn’t be offended when it was and when people started asking questions and be shocked when it comes out and were told so by the interviewer, and Jeremiah said you shouldn’t believe what you see on the Internet and the host replied that she did do her “homework” and that this was their chance to set the record straight but Abe and Rebecca wouldn’t answer and then Rebecca said there were “legal issues” about the baby and that she couldn’t talk about it( what “legal issues?” Do her grandparents perhaps have custody or are currently fighting her for it? Is Abe’s brother the father?Is he trying for custody? Does she mean legal issues with TLC that in signing the contract to do the show she promised not to disclose that she and Abe had a relationship prior to the show in case the network got sued for fraud if it came out later since they portrayed that they’d just started dating? or is that just an excuse to get her out of admitting her adultery? )

As for the TV experience doing the show they were asked what they’d lost and gained and if it was worth it, and Rebecca said she was happy to do it and it showed her who her real friends were and she was glad to have lost those that weren’t true, Abe said it was a  good experience and changed him for a better person but that he did lose family and friends as well, Kate gained experience and was happy she did the show but lost her family so doesn’t know if it was worth it,Jeremiah said he gained experience, enjoyed it and loved NYC but lost hope as he’d love to live there but found out it’s too expensive and Sabrina’s glad she did the show so she won’t always keep wondering and miss taking an opportunity. When asked if they’d ever go back to the Amish if they were accepted they all said no, but Sabrina said she might go back to the Mennonites if she had been accepted in the first place.

As for me, I feel the most deceived and lied to by Abe and Rebecca, who came across as moral and then were exposed as lying hypocrites and adulterers. They’re not the upright moral people they were portrayed to be or that they presented themselves as and pretended to be. They acted all upset by the drinking, strippers,and gambling, all the while deceiving the audience by acting like they went on their “first date” meanwhile  had sex during filming, and had been carrying on for the past 2 YRS, before they even went on the show, incl. while Rebecca was still married to another man,and even having a child,yet when confronted with the truth lying on national TV and denying it all and refusing to come clean and admit the truth.They were the most deceitful dishonest people of them all and I am highly disappointed in them but in the end the show did “redeem” itself by confronting most of the issues, except still never admitted that the cast didn’t just recently leave their communities but in fact have been out for many YRS,and didn’t admit that Abe and Rebecca have been together for YRS and not just recently like the show lead us to believe.I also saw Abe’s brother’s old Facebook page posted online  from awhile ago that resurfaced with a photo of him holding Rebecca’s new baby and it had said it was his brother’s baby, so is Abe the father afterall, or did he just say that and it’s really his? Either way, it’s doubtful it was her ex-husband’s or why else would Abe’s brother be holding it unless he was the uncle or the father?