A Blast From The Past!

 Our teens went to an 80’s-themed costume party at Cadets and seeing them dressed in 80’s style clothes and hair reminded me of my teen YRS and made me feel like I was highschool again. Our 14 YR old was dressed as Marty McFly from the  “Back To The Future” movie, the 16 YR old was dressed as Doc Brown, and the 13 YR old as a typical 80’s teen complete with a  neon green shirt,black vest, hot pink pants, leg warmers,big belt, and big “teased” hair with side ponytail,”scrunchie”,and with a little braid in it. I also can’t believe that my old friend Jonathan(I knew at our old house, before we had to move) is 54 now.I have known him for 24 YRS now(and he also has Asperger’s like me) and we still keep in touch by Facebook,and the 14 YR old mixed up hemmoroids with hernias and said to me,”You can DIE from that, you know!” and asked my mother if she thinks she’ll out-live me and she replied,”Probably”(esp. as I’ve always felt I’ll die before I’m 50,and I’m almost 46 now) and added,”I could still live another 20 YRS!”

As for my hemmoroid, it’s the size of a grape and I found out it’s a level 3 (out of 4 levels) external prolapsed hemmoroid, and it can be pushed back in but just pops right back out again,and it still really hurts but shouldn’t cause a problem unless it ruptures, and I saw in the news that over 70% of people in this country want to see marijuana legalized, not surprising considering how liberal and permissive they are,and if there’s a sin they’ll try to legalize it,and in USA there’s talk as well of making oral contraceptives available over-the-counter instead of prescription only, and I’m not going to get into why I don’t believe in it for religious reasons, but even just from a health perspective(not to mention moral reasons) I still  think  this is a bad idea as they are dangerous; full of chemicals and hormones and can cause heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots and need to be supervised and monitored by a doctor and shouldn’t be so easily available over the counter!

I am also glad to see there’s a ceasefire between Israel and Gaza, mainly brokered by the new President of Egypt, Morsi, and today is the American Thanksgiving(we already had ours last month) and they seem to make a much bigger deal over theirs than we do here over ours,and it seems almost as much a  big a deal as Christmas,and they have their big store sales the day after(whereas we have ours on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas) and many people here cross the border and shop,too, as they have much better prices and selections there than we have here, even with retailers here slashing prices trying to compete it still doesn’t even come close as we don’t have the same variety and selection here, and even with sales here it’s still nowhere near as cheap as there and the taxes are much higher here as well. It pisses me off too that “Degrassi” is a Canadian show yet the Americans get to see the new episode, first, 3 days before we do,and that hardly seems fair! This country sucks!