Things I Don’t Give A Shit About.


– Sports

– The Kardashians

– Reality TV

– Game shows

-Soap Operas

– The Olympics

– American Idol, The X Factor, America’s Got Talent, etc.

– The Bachelor

– Jennifer Aniston

– Justin Bieber

– Drugs, alcohol, gambling

– Sex crazed culture

– Harry Potter


– Dancing With The Stars

– “The Real Housewives Of…..” TV shows

– Anything redneck

– Country music

– Lady GaGa

-Taylor Swift

– Rihanna


– Katy Perry

-Miley Cyrus

– “Pussy” pop music

-Boy Bands

– Hallowe’en

-Anything occult

– US Presidential election incessant news coverage

– Brad and Angelina

-Celebrity couples

– The Lohans

– Jersey Shore

-Girl Power crap

– The gay agenda

-Animal rights freaks




-Enviro indoctrination

-Endangered species

-Global warming

-Sex And The City

– Glee

-Gossip Girl

– The  current vampire craze

– The Simpsons

– The Flu vaccine


-Awards shows


-Special interest groups

-Gay pride and LGBT parade

– 500$ shoes

– 1000$ handbags

– 200$ jeans

– Manicures and pedicures

-Talent shows

-The newest “viral” videos

-The latest gadgets


As well, I got blasted on Facebook for “name calling” (I said “dumb rednecks” saying I’m sick and  tired of always hearing about stupid football all the time and not everyone cares) but it’s MY profile page so I can say whatever I want and I won’t be told what to say on my own page and if they don’t like it then they can feel free to de-friend themselves any time, and my hubby was talking down to me and being condescending as usual too and when I asked him why he’s such an asshole all the time he replied,”You’re a great incentive!” and when I said meeting him was my biggest mistake and regret ever my mother snickered,”I’m sure meeting YOU was HIS,too!” as always taking HIS side and never supporting me and you’d think for someone  who had an unhappy and  bad marriage herself that she’d be more supportive and understanding (I told her, “A little support would be NICE for once!”) but oh, no, and then she criticizes me for posting “about our personal lives” on my blog “for everyone to see”  as well and I told her, “It’s my only source of support as I sure as Hell DON’T get it from YOU!!” We put up our Christmas tree as well.