My Favourite Things.





– Europe

– Sunsets


– Velvet



– Spice muffins

– Travelling

– The ocean

– Snow

– The sounds of crickets

– Flowers

– Fall leaves

– Pumpkin pie

– Scented candles

– Incense

– Icelandic wool sweaters

– Puppies


– Happy memories

– Good books

– Music

– Singing birds

– Fur coats

– Coconut

– Ethnic foods

– Shopping

– St. Therese

– Christmas

– Reading

– Blogging

– A nice bath

-Bath oil beads


– Babies

– Crisp cool air


– Palm trees


– Cheese

-Claw-foot bath tubs

-Looking at old photographs

-Fleece-lined slippers


As well, there was a water main leak on our street and they turned our water off for 2 HRS and had a bulldozer dig a huge hole and fix the pipes and there was water flooding all over the road,and we turned on our outdoor Christmas lights on the house but of course the timer didn’t work and an HR after they were set to automatically go on I had to go out there in the cold and wind and turn on a switch and turn them on manually, and we have problems with them EVERY YR; either they don’t come on, or they only last for an HR or so and then shut off ,or they short-circuit with the rain or something, or the squirrels chew thru the wires, and they always cause so much stress and hassle every YR and are so much work and trouble I wonder if it’s even worth it. I also read that hippos kill more people in Africa than any other animal and kill more people yearly than sharks do and are actually quite fierce and I had always thought of them as these laid-back docile lazy creatures that lay in the sun and hang out in the water all day, but I still like them nevertheless and they are still my fave. animals and ALL animals are territorial, right?