I Had My MRI!

 I had my MRI! It took an HR; 40 minutes of regular images and then 20 minutes with the contrast dye injected into my arm. The scan was of my head and neck and it was strapped in tightly and immobilized so I couldn’t move; the back of my neck and head was held in place, I had like a neck brace put over the front of my neck and chin, and something like a football mask over my face with only eye holes visible. I was then slid thru the tube and it felt like only my feet were sticking out the end. The hardest thing was to keep completely still for that long and my back was killing me and the back of my head hurt too from where something was rubbing on it where it was strapped in. It was a tight fit,too,and my fat arse barely fit and my shoulders were a tight squeeze; I lay there with my arms crossed across my chest(which was better than when I had the lung scan before and had to go thru the scanner for 40 something minutes with my arms extended up over my head!) and they gave me a “panic button” to squeeze if needed, and this must be what being closed up in a coffin must feel like(it was so small, dark, narrow and enclosed in there) and it’s a good thing I’m not claustrophobic ! It was so noisy as well(even with earplugs!) it sounded like alternating knocking, tapping, banging,beeping, buzzing,drilling, , and shaking.I also took an Imodium as a prevention beforehand so I wouldn’t be hit with diarrhrea or fart while trapped in the tube(if I’d do a big fart they’d think I exploded in there!) I should get the results within a week, and most people would hope it comes back normal, but I actually hope something DOES show up as I want an explanation; to have answers as to what’s causing my symptoms!

I saw a falcon or a hawk(I can never tell the difference between the two) along the way as well, and we had flurries but they melted, and on the way back we ate at Swiss Chalet but they were playing redneck country music(which makes my ears bleed!) so I had to eat really  fast and get out of there as quickly as possible(I should have saved the earplugs from the MRI!) and that happened the last time I ate there too so I won’t be eating there again; just take-out from now on, and our 9 and 11 YR olds like the pussy Boy Band “One Direction” (God knows WHY!) and we have relatives that live in the UK so now they automatically assume that they know them,too,  and I heard in the news that Canada’s top banker Mark Carney is leaving his job here to work in the UK and it happens all the time; everyone that’s the top in their field(doctors, scientists, researchers,bankers,etc.) always end up leaving this country(I guess THEY think it sucks,TOO!) and in USA in March that it will be mandatory to accept “Obamacare” that people will be forced to have microchips implanted in their arms too with their personal and medical info scanned and they will also  have a  tracking device in it as well, and people are saying this is The Mark Of The Beast in the Book Of Revelation(and that believers should reject it) and it certainly IS fascist and Big Brother!

Toronto mayor Rob Ford was also found guilty of conflict of interest because he unknowingly used official letterhead to solicit funds for his charity football team(for underpriviliged kids) but it was just the excuse the Left was looking for all along to get rid of him and purely politically motivated; they have been after him from Day One and out to get him; ganging up on him,mocking him, and picking on him every chance for every little thing for NOT being Politically Correct, for not pandering to the gays, for not being pro-union,  for being opinionated and forthright, for standing up for what he believes in,for cleaning up waste and corruption, for lowering taxes and the like, for being unconventional, for being overweight, etc. and now they have finally succeeded in bringing him down and destroying him. He has been ordered out of office in 2 weeks but can appeal although it can also be denied. I feel badly for him as I know what it feels like. I too have always been picked on, unpopular and ganged up on for being different, for going against the “norm”, for standing up against the majority, for having different opinions, for having morals, for standing up for what I believe is right, for being Conservative and for not going along with the Left-leaning world. He’s been a good mayor, done what he promised he’d do once elected( a rare thing among politicians), does what the people want, cuts spending and waste, cut the deficit and taxes,cleaned up the city, done a good job, stands up to the unions, doesn’t pander to special interest groups, and has gotten nothing but hassle and grief for it the entire time and now they’ve kicked him out. I feel badly for him and I hope he wins his appeal. It’s nothing but pure malicious intent.