“The Artist.”

 I recently saw the movie “The Artist” and I really liked it! It won the Academy Award for Best Picture and Best Actor and now I can see why. It was a black and white silent film just like back in the 1920’s, the time period that it portrayed. It started off in 1927 and spanned a 5 YR period.(Whenever I see movies in the late 1920’s I always feel sorry for the characters, thinking about the upcoming Depression,”If only you knew what’s going to hit very soon; the prosperity you enjoy now isn’t going to last for long!”) It starts off with silent film star George, an outgoing popular affable fellow, who is kind to his staff and coworkers and friendly to his fans, and who has a loveable Jack Russell terrier and an indifferent wife. He lives in a big house and is a top star but things can change and nothing lasts forever. He meets a young woman named Peppy who starts off as an extra in one of his movies and adores him and the two become fast friends. He goes out of his way to give her a break and she never forgets it and years later remembers it and returns the favour.

As the Depression hits times change, not only with the economy but with the changing film industry as well and silent movies are phased out and “talkies” are introduced and poor George finds himself a has-been. He is no longer popular and his career is over, but Peppy’s star rises and it becomes a role reversal and a reversal of fortune; she becomes a huge star and he is washed up; he loses his fame, his fortune, his marriage and his house. In one scene his wife laments how unhappy she is and he replies,”So are millions of us.” He invests his money in a film but it flops and he loses everything,meanwhile Peppy becomes famous and George becomes despondent and falls into alcoholism and ends up moving into a small apartment but Peppy is always keeping an eye on him from afar, without him knowing, always caring about her friend, watching over him, sorrowful over his decline.

There are many sad scenes as George falls further and further into despair, incl. where he is rescued from a fire and Peppy finds out and takes him in, and where he can’t take any more and puts a gun in his mouth to kill himself(I cried at that one, esp. as I have been there myself; attempting suicide and knowing the despair that drives one to it and what it feels like, so I could identify with what he was feeling and I felt so badly for him). In the end Peppy proved to be a faithful friend and was there for him to lift him up and help him revive his career and give him hope for a new life(she even anonymously bought all his belongings at an auction presumably to give back to him at a later date), and I was hoping (and I think it was implied unless I took it the wrong way as I am a hopeless romantic) that they would be a couple. I really enjoyed it and it was one of the best movies I have seen in a  long time and I highly recommend it!


As well, I had an allergic reaction to the contrast dye they injected into my veins for the MRI(they said you can have reaction to it up to 48 HRS afterwards) as I was itchy all over,and I assume as well when I get the results that if it comes back normal(or inconclusive) that the doctor’s office will just call me and tell me, and only if they found anything that I’d have to come in for an app’t and discuss it. I expect they’d find a Chiari malformation though, esp. considering I have all the symptoms(as well as Marfan Syndrome, which often co-exists WITH Chiari) although sometimes you can have all the symptoms of something and NOT necessarily HAVE it, like our 18 YR old when he was 5 months old he HAD all the symptoms of fluid pressure on his brain and got a CT scan but it turned out he DIDN’T have it afterall…..yet when our now 14 YR old DID have leukemia when he was 7 he DIDN’T have the typical symptoms of it, so you never know…I just have to wait and see, but I’m nervous for the results to find out what’s been causing all my symptoms.If it IS a Chiari  or a tumour I’d be referred to a neurosurgeon for brain surgery, and even if everything is clear I’ll still see the neurologist(if I ever hear back that is; so far it’s been almost 4 months since my doc put in the referral and I still haven’t heard anything yet!) as he can still do other specialized tests, like say, for Alzheimers, or something.

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