Canada Still Sucks!!

Canada continues to suck more and more every day and I wish I could leave except I can’t afford to move. They said on the radio just last night that major problems here incl. discrimination against immigrants and the poor and heavy problem drinking, and that over 50% of the population is defined as such which incl. heavy drinkers, binge drinking, under-age drinking, alcoholism,and drunk driving, and that over 80% of drunk drivers are repeat offenders that will continue to go on and on drinking and driving. It also said that on average the average Canadian will consume over 465 alcoholic drinks a YR and that doesn’t incl. the heavy drinkers.It’s just so sad that drinking is such a big and important part of the “culture here”(rednecks) or rather lack of culture, and of people’s lives and that this country has one of the highest drunk driving rates in the world. I mean, alcohol is BAD for you, it’s unhealthy, it serves no useful purpose and no good ever comes out of it,it’s not necessary, you don’t NEED it to have fun,and it’s bad for society and is one of society’s biggest ills..We are a country of loser boozers and it’s a disgrace!

As well, Canada is one of like only  3 or 4 countries to vote against Palestinian statehood in the UN (2/3 of countries will vote approval) once again proving to be USA and Israel’s puppet, showing the UN and the world what assholes they really are(this country can kiss my hemmoroid!!), a FB friend of mine called Canada “One of the morally darkest countries in the world” and someone had spray-painted “Canada will burn!” on a war memorial as well, so I’m NOT the ONLY one that thinks it sucks, and on the news they said on average it costs over 800$ a MONTH for daycare per child and they want the gov’t to pay more towards covering the costs in subsidizing it and I think is a bad idea; it should be like with abortions(which ARE paid for by the gov’t as well); if you want one, YOU should pay for it yourself and it shouldn’t be paid for with TAXPAYERS dollars! Why even HAVE kids in the first place though if you’re just going to farm them off to daycare, anyway,and with the cost of daycare, parking,gas,and the expense of the extra car, that would take up all of  the second salary anyway, so you might as well just stay home with your kids in the first place where you should be; it’s best for the kids, and you’d be saving all that unnecessary expense! I’m so sick of the gov’t “Nanny State” involved in every aspect of people’s lives and the more they’re involved; the more they control, regulate and fund, the less freedom we have; every gov’t involvement comes with “strings” attached.

The school teachers are also threatening to go on strike on Friday as well, greedy unions always holding the kids “hostage” and making them suffer(I’m so glad we homeschool!) so the gov’t said if so they’ll legislate them back to work, and with my MRI results my mother and I both expect to hear it’s either a tumour or Chiari malformation given my symptoms but my hubby thinks everything will come back normal and passes it off as “just age”, yet my doctor didn’t and she’s seen enough patients and people my age(almost 46) to know what’s “normal” for aging and what isn’t and she obviously thinks it’s NOT normal and must be something more than just “age” since she DID order the MRI! I hope as well that it’s NOT just something like age, stress, or migraines, either, as they have no cure and at least with tumours and “Chiari” surgery can cure it,and if there’s no cure I’ll be stuck like this forever! I also meant to say “December” but said “September” too,(but didn’t even realize it) and mixed up the words “basket” with “bath tub” yet another way my brain has been betraying me more and more lately and how I mix up words and such…..I KNOW SOMEthing isn’t right….I would also think that unless it shows something imminently critical(such as an aneurysm  about to rupture, or a blood clot) I wouldn’t have anything done about it until the new YR but just rather find out what it is for now.

My 18 YR old also quipped he knows I have something wrong with my brain since I’m religious and believe in God and once I get brain surgery and it gets fixed I’ll “be more intelligent” and “won’t be religious or believe in God anymore”(I told him,”Ha, ha, VERY “funny!”) and we can’t get anything on the kids’ Christmas gift list here(because this country sucks and the selection is shit here) so we went online to order from USA except it recognized that it wasn’t a US credit card  even though we DID provide a US shipping address(that we have re-shipped to here) it said the shipping  address didn’t match the billing address so we still weren’t able to do it. I just got so mad! These things ALWAYS happen to me! Things just DON’T ever work out for me or go right and I always have such a problem with everything,and it doesn’t matter if it’s big things or little things; everything just always goes wrong for me all the time and I hate it and everything is always such a struggle.Why can’t things just WORK for me for ONCE?