Toys Of My Childhood.

Christmastime is a very top-secret secretive time where things are hidden,whispered, spoken in secret code or in another language so the kids can’t hear,and where kids are told to “Don’t look!” or to “Get out of the room!” so presents can be bought, smuggled into the house, wrapped,and hidden without being seen! As for my Christmases as a child I fondly remember my fave. toys of my past as a kid in the 70’s and a teen in the 80’s and here they are:



– G.I Joe

-Baby Alive

-Stretch Armstrong

-The Bionic Woman action figure

-The Six Million Dollar Man action figure

-Charlies Angels dolls

-Star Wars action figures

– Slime



– Buckeroo

– Operation

-Don’t Break The Ice!

-Lite Brite

-Easy Bake Oven

-Pet rocks

– Simon

-Rubicks Cube

-Cabbage Patch Kids

– My Little Pony

– Perfection

– Slinky



– Strawberry Shortcake

-Holly Hobbie


– Junkyard

– Kerplunk!

– Baby Krissy

– Raggedy Ann and Andy

– Little Orphan Annie doll

– Fisher Price toys

– Bugs Bunny talking toy

– Snoopy

– “Baby Joey” doll


I also heard on the news how in this country we always  have to wait an unacceptable long time for any medical care here compared to other countries(such as the US, the UK,and Australia for example) in fact, it came dead last in a list of all other developed countries, such as waiting days for an app’t with your family doctor, 4-8 HRS on average wait at the ER, and MONTHS wait to see a specialist or have surgery. I’m not surprised(and it’s been almost 4 months already since my doc put in the referral for the plastic surgeon and neurologist  and I STILL haven’t heard back yet, I don’t even have an app’t date!!)  and yet another reason this country is ass-backwards, half-assed,behind everyone else,inept, and just plain SUCKS! They said as well that we just patiently wait, don’t complain and think nothing of it, likely because people here are just too STUPID to know any different and don’t know any better; not even realizing that it’s NOT like this everywhere(just a bunch of dumb rednecks!) just like my hubby, always defending it, and the radio DJ appalled me as well cracking” without hockey we have nothing to do now but get drunk and drive around!” Good LORD! I swear to God I HATE this place!! It’s an embarrassment.