Q &A.

Questions Q&A:

1. What do you sleep in at night:

– Flannel PJ bottoms and long sleeved shirts and 2 pairs of socks in winter, and shorts, T-shirt and bare feet in summer.

2. What is your fave. article of clothing?

– My rainbow colour crushed velvet skirt and my rabbit fur Mukkluk winter boots.

3. Have you ever gone “Commando?”(without underwear)

-Yes, in the Caribbean once! When I was at the beach and changed out of my bathingsuit I couldn’t find my underwear; it must have fallen out of my beach bag so I had to go around all day with my shirt and skirt without any underwear! It felt very “freeing” and liberating but I felt very self-conscious,too!

4. What is your most embarrassing moment?

– Probably either  the time I walked out of the mall bathroom with toilet paper streaming down my leg or the time my skirt was hiked up my ass and I never noticed and someone had to tell me.

5. What was the happiest moment in your life?

-The births of my kids.

6. What would you most like to remember?

-All my happy memories, mostly from my childhood.

7. When was your first kiss?

-In grade 6. Sort of. A boy named Dylan in my class. I had my friends ambush him after school and hold him down so I could kiss him. He ended up kicking me and ran away.

8.Where did you meet your husband?

-At the YMCA.

9. Who loves you the most?

-My 9 YR old, easily!

10. What position do you sleep in?

-On my stomach.

11. What did you eat for dinner?

-Vegetable samosa.

12. What is your biggest secret?

-I was molested by a cousin when I was a kid.

13. What was your fave. 80’s show?

“The Cosby Show.”

14. What is your secret talent?

-I can turn my eyelids inside-out!

15. What is your fave. pizza topping?

-Mushroom and green pepper.

16. What chore do you most hate doing?


17. Which age do you wish you stay forever?

– 11. It was my fave. age.

18. Which celeb do you most look like?

-Tori Spelling.

19. Which song most describes your life?

-“Let Go The Line” by Max Webster.

20. What good movie did you see recently?

-“War Horse.”

21. What’s the worst gift you ever got?

– A spice rack(from my hubby on our first Christmas)

22. What do you miss the most about being a kid?

-Freedom from worry and stress and financial concerns.

23. What does your family always say about you?

-That my opinions don’t matter or count.

24. What is your worst habit?

– I bite my nails.

25. What is your fave. Christmas memory?

-My aunt’s big blue lights on her tree.


As well, my 9 YR old said when I hug her tight to my chest  my big boobs “smother” her, I don’t think my hemmoroid really IS a hemmoroid afterall as it’s not soft and squishy like a hemmoroid; it’s a solid hard lump(like a grape) so might be a thrombosed hemmoroid(blood clot) or maybe even  a rectal polyp or tumour that’s pushed it’s way out  but I squeezed it  really hard and it popped and deflated and went all soft but nothing came out externally( but internally) so now I’m thinking most likely just a cyst filled with fluid but either way I’m too embarrassed to show my doctor(so I hope it just clears up on it’s own) and I’m NOT having anything shoved up my arse, either(it’s an exit, NOT an entrance!) and speaking of assholes, the recycling guys didn’t pick up one of our boxes,either, but just left it there completely full but they did take the other 3, so I don’t know what their problem is!

Canada also is recalling diplomats from Israel and the West Bank and witholding financial aid in “protest”(or rather to “punish”) the Palestinians for getting pre-state status at the UN, proving what utter twats they really ARE, being sore losers and I think still sulking over losing their bid earlier this YR at not getting a seat at the UN Security Council(gee…..I wonder WHY? good move on the UN’s part!) just being spiteful and showing the world what assholes they really are, and this country somehow always  manages to be at the bottom the list of everything’s that’s good(like at the bottom of the list of developed countries to access to timely health care) yet at the TOP of the list of  everything that’s bad(the first of the worst!), such as being one of the highest taxed countries in the world, one of the highest rates of drunk driving in the world, the highest cellphone rates in the world, credit cared rates twice what they are in Europe, etc. and the only answer anyone ever says in response is, “If you don’t like it, leave!”(I would if  I could afford to move!) because they don’t really HAVE an answer and I hate it so much here and I’m embarrassed to be Canadian; I wish I could just renounce my citizenship and leave!