River by Robert Downey Jr.

River by Robert Downey Jr.(yes, the same guy, the actor. I never knew he was a singer and had such a good voice,either!) I am putting up a series of videos of my fave. Christmas songs and this is one of them. I can esp. relate to the part,”I wish I had a river I could skate away on…”

Our Cool Flower!

BluePointsettia How neat is this? It’s the new BLUE Pointsettia flower we got! The leaves are a mix of blue and purple(has it been spray painted or dyed?) and has gold glitter on it! Traditionally the flowers are red with some green and lately I have seen some that are pink and white but now they are coming out in even more colours and today my mother picked this one up and said she even saw some that were yellow and orange! It looks even prettier in real life than it does in the photo.

My can of pop also exploded in my bedroom and soaked all over my clothes, my wall, my bed, my carpet, my window,and stuff I had on the floor. Just MY “luck”(why DO these things ALWAYS happen to ME?) and I hope with the MRI that not only did  it pick up whatever is wrong(esp. if it’s something small) but that also that whoever’s reading it also notices it; that it doesn’t slip by unnoticed, and I read a blog where they said their Shih Tzu is always chewing holes in their couch and many other people also commented that their Shih Tzus destroy things as well just like OURS did too(and we got rid of them) so maybe they’re just a destructive breed then, esp. as we never had problems like that with our Chihuahuas? It just sort of makes me wonder…

Going Bust!

PiggyBankBroken We officially got word today that we will now be 2500$ short each month from now on. The economy sucks and our finances are in the shitter and I feel like we have gone bust. 2500$ is our food budget for the month so now we’ll be scrounging around to find the $$$ to make up for the shortage, to find the $$$$ to buy food. We already cut back as it is by only ever buying things on sale, in bulk, with coupons, and no-name items, and clothing we buy second-hand so I don’t know how much MORE we CAN cut back and we still DO have to buy food, I guess we’ll just have to buy less, eat less and eat alot more bread and soup. I just hope on top of all this this that my hubby doesn’t end up losing his job,too, or else we’d really be screwed even more than we already are! Still no news yet if we have to move or not though, and the good news about the water bill: after a month of limiting everyone to just 2 minute showers the water bill’s now down to just over 200$ instead of 600$ like it was last time so at least that helps!

My mother also said that despite our  finances she’s still saving up HER $$$(and even getting a job(as a greeter at Wal-Mart or something) if she has to) to go on another trip in 2 YRS or so, even as we’ll be struggling to buy food, and snarked about my boob reduction surgery except *I’VE* already saved up MY $$$ for that from before(and just won’t be able to save up anything now on any more now) and already have it put aside, and she snickered,”What will YOU be doing financially to help out?” when she KNOWS I have Asperger’s and Social Phobia and don’t have any job or life skills and am unable to work, and  I stay home with my KIDS and homeschool,anyway, and my ginormous boobs affect my quality of life and I NEED the surgery but SHE doesn’t NEED to go on a TRIP,and I don’t think it’s right that we’ll be worrying about where our next meal will be coming from while she’s off enjoying a trip!(Shouldn’t she be helping us instead?)

As well, they were back re-doing the water main in the road again in the same spot they just did a few days ago so either it broke again or they didn’t do it right the first time(I’ll go with the second one; people here are half-assed and inept) and I had this thought that my doc’s office will call and say they got my MRI results and that they want me to go down there right away to discuss them, meaning that they found something really bad, so we’ll see what happens(and I should be hearing any day now)and I feel so sick and gross with “Aunt Flow” (as well as another of my ungodly headaches) that I even had to take a nap,too!