“Ketchup” Post.

KetchupPost Catching up on our latest news:

I’ve had this crippling headache for 4 days that even my 20$-a-pill headache pills can’t contain and so bad I feel nauseated from the pain(is it increasing fluid pressure in my brain, perhaps?)and sleepy, and it’s been 9 days so far and I still haven’t heard any news about the MRI results so my hubby called the doctor’s office and they said they haven’t heard anything yet either even though they’d said at the hospital “within a week” so I’m thinking that maybe they found something and have to go over it carefully and look at it closer(and maybe even call in a specialist or something to verify it or read it) so it’s taking longer before they can sign off on the report and send it to my doctor,and it was a balmy record-breaking 15 C yesterday too and today it’s back to the more seasonal 0 C.

As for our now having 2500$ less per month(the $$ that pays for food) my mother hissed at me,”*I* still have money; YOU don’t!” and scoffed at my suggestion that the best way to cut back and make do with less from now on is to grocery shop twice a month instead of weekly(the less trips to the grocery store the less $$$ spent) and to cut out buying things we don’t need first such as chips, cookies, candies,and desserts but she refused, horrified, and huffed,”We STILL have to LIVE!!” and also to eat toast for breakfasts and lunches,and then maybe, just maybe, we just MIGHT be able to squeak by…I’ll also only be able to pay HALF the $$$ tithing to Church than I currently do now and I’m embarrassed but plan to explain it to them by enclosing a note in my tithing envelope explaining that we now have financial difficulties and have to cut back in everything as I don’t want them to think I’m just being “cheap” or ripping them off. The corner store on our street was robbed at gun point(we need tighter gun control laws!) AGAIN too and there’s so much crime in this town, esp. considering it’s small size, mainly robberies, assault,and drugs, with a few murders thrown in for good measure and I hate it here and have to get OUT of here!

As well, studies show that “thanks” to the Femi-Nazi “girl power” crap so concerned about girls’ education and pushing that agenda in the schools for years that now the BOYS are suffering and falling behind,and the elementary and high school teachers unions are forcing their members to go on strike as well and to stop all afterschool and extra-curricular activities, field trips, Christmas activities and pageants, filling out report cards, etc. and will fine them 500$ a day if they refuse and publish their names( to publically shame them) on union publications, and I say unions should be outlawed and the gov’t should just legislate them back to work and stop this nonsense right now and it makes me sooooo glad that we homeschool! They’re considering selling booze in corner stores as well(instead of regulated gov’t stores like now) which is a BAD idea as it will increase crime even more(and variety stores get robbed enough now as it is) as well as worsen an already-bad drinking problem(increasing drunk driving and under-age drinking,etc.) this country already has if alcohol is even more accessible and easier to obtain! BAD IDEA!! There’s already too many loser boozers as it IS!! Why make it even EASIER for them?