Chicken Milk.

EggNog When our now 18 YR old was 4-5 YRS old he called eggnog “chicken milk” and in French it  actually DOES translate as it (“lait de poule”, literally “milk from chicken”) and in this country everything is bilingual and everything is labelled in both English and French, and so now I always call it that and the dilemma I have with it every Christmas season is I happen to LOVE eggnog( I mean chicken milk) except I’m allergic to it(to the eggs and milk) and it gives me bad cramps and makes me feel sick to my stomach so I can’t drink it and so I always end up feeling  gypped, cheated,and ripped off. I WANT to have it, but it just isn’t worth it because of what it does to me. I still have my killer headache too and 2 HRS after I took my headache-busting pill(the ones that cost 20$ a pill) Rizatriptan it finally worked, only to still  come back a few HRS later though and now it’s just on the left side of my head and  stabbing pain under my eye but my hubby’s drug plan coverage at work ran out; he’s exceeded his quota for the YR now(with all my pills) so now we won’t be able to get any more until the new YR so I REALLY have to ration them now to make them last and still no MRI results yet,either, and it’s now been 10 days!

As well, I haven’t been getting recent issues of a magazine and I didn’t even get the replacement issue they’d sent me a month ago either so now I’m convinced that someone MUST be stealing them out of the mail( whereas before I’d thought maybe it just got lost) so now we’ll have to go to the post office main building and have them investigate, when I’d mentioned something about my butt the 5 YR old said,”Do you mean your anus?” and just blew me away; I mean, that kid’s just so smart and I never even knew that he KNEW that word,and I’m glad to hear Toronto mayor Ford got his stay; meaning he can stay on as mayor until he finds out about his appeal in January, so at least something finally went in his favour despite all the attacks and everything going against him at least this went his way!

My mother also told me that if she gets a job that she won’t be helping out around the house anymore  as she can’t do 2 jobs so *I’LL* have to do it(like I did when she was on her trip)all but I’m not doing 2 people’s jobs all by myself,either;it’s too much for one person and  it’s not fair to me,and I could do it for a week while she was away  but not full-time long term,and if she can’t do 2 jobs what makes her think that *I* can, and I’m still homeschooling the kids and doing MY share of the work,and if she won’t be helping out anymore she might as well move out then as she’s only living here to help out with the kids anyway,so I guess the kids will just have to divide it up and help out more then?

I also can’t tell the difference between accepting a suffering I can’t escape VS settling for it, as in settling you become a victim but in accepting you recognize those things that are within your power and leave the rest in God’s hands,and I know that God doesn’t want us entrenched in suffering but wants us to live abundant lives and be happy and He really loves me and nothing is impossible for Him, not even my happiness and I see only my sins and failings but He knows all my dreams, needs, hopes,and the deepest desires of my heart yet I doubt I’ll see happiness this side of Heaven and just wish I knew what I need to do to be happy…..