Would You Rather….?

WouldYouRather Before I tuck the 9 YR old in bed at night we have “Cuddle Time” and  play games such as “Truth Or Dare?” “I Spy With My Little Eye…”, “What Would You Rather Do?” etc. so here are some questions that we’d use:


– Eat a barf smoothie or a diarrhrea smoothie?

– Kiss a hairy butt crack or a sweaty arm pit?

– Lick a pig or kiss a hippo?

– Never watch your fave. TV show ever again or never listen to your fave. music ever again?

– Drink a glass of water with salt in it or pepper in it?

– Eat an earwig or a cockroach?

– Eat dirt or rocks?

– Go naked on a bus or in church?

-Prostitute yourself or commit theft?

– Eat liver or fish eyes?

– Stick your tongue to a frozen metal pole or in a mouse trap?

-Swallow a live goldfish or a live worm?

– Sleep in a Dumpster or in a pig’s pen?

– Shave your head or your eyebrows?

– Eat a dog or a cat?

– Eat a booger or ear sap?

– Cut off a finger or a toe?

-Go blind or deaf?

– Get a paper cut on your tongue or in your eye?


As well, I STILL have my incapacitating headache( I forget what day it is now, 5, 6, or 7, something like that…) and I’ll be really mad if the MRI results come back inconclusive as I’ll never have any answers or end to my suffering and the headaches will be forever and my brain decline will keep getting worse if there’s no known cause and no cure, and I had a prayer request for a family who just 2 days before thought their 6 YR old was just sick with a stomach flu but it ended up being a bowel obstruction and she DIED and now it haunts me and I can’t stop thinking about it and it scares me; if it can happen that suddenly to HER, maybe it can happen to MY kids,TOO, and the 9 YR old told the 5 YR old that he “needs a hearing aid” because he didn’t hear her and he goes,”Instead of lemonade?” and when we were laughing he says,”What’s so funny?”That kid cracks me up!

I also heard my hubby telling the kids that he’s my “biggest regret” so he obviously reads my diary or my blog even though he told ME that he doesn’t, so he LIED, and my 14 YR old blamed my bad luck on me saying my “negativity” “causes” it and I “make my OWN ‘luck'” which I resent and find hurtful and insulting; I’m negative because my life and constant bad luck has MADE me that way; when bad things always keep happening to me and to have more than my share of misfortune it’s hard NOT to be and I did NOT “cause” myself to be ugly, to be bullied and abused, to have Asperger’s and Social Phobia, to have our house fire,to have an enemy chase us from our home, to have our son have cancer, and other medical problems we’ve faced, for financial problems, etc. and I resent being told it’s my fault. I certainly didn’t “ASK” for it or want it and I can’t help but BE negative when that’s pretty much all I GET in life and it’s hard to see the “bright” side when I so  rarely GET it! It’s bad enough all the shit I’ve had to endure but to imply that I somehow “bring” it on MYSELF and that my attitude “causes” it  makes it all the much worse and only adds insult to injury!