Good Idea, Bad Idea.

GoodIdeaBadIdea(new) GOOD IDEA, BAD IDEA:

GOOD IDEA: Going to the bathroom when you first wake up.    BAD IDEA: Going to the bathroom while you’re still asleep.


GOOD IDEA: Wearing a bathingsuit swimming.   BAD IDEA: Wearing a bathingsuit out in the snow.


GOOD IDEA: Being naked in the bath.   BAD IDEA: Being naked in church.


GOOD IDEA: Running away from an angry mob.   BAD IDEA: Running away from the police.


GOOD IDEA: Sewing clothes.      BAD IDEA: Sewing your finger.


GOOD IDEA: Shaving your legs.   BAD IDEA: Shaving your dog.


GOOD IDEA: Dreaming of “French kissing” your “Dreamboat”   BAD IDEA: Dreaming of “French kissing” your grandmother.


GOOD IDEA: Buying footwear online.      BAD IDEA: Buying explosives online.


GOOD IDEA: Putting a contact lens in your eye.      BAD IDEA: Putting “Dran-O” in your eye.


GOOD IDEA: Taking your dog on a walk.   BAD IDEA: Taking your dog to the opera.


GOOD IDEA: Putting up your Christmas tree in December.   BAD IDEA: Putting up your Christmas tree in July.


GOOD IDEA: Mushrooms on pizza.   BAD IDEA: Cockroaches on pizza.


GOOD IDEA: Peeing in a cup at the doctor’s office.   BAD IDEA: Peeing in your pants.


GOOD IDEA: Talking to your friends.   BAD IDEA: Talking to yourself.


GOOD IDEA: Having a baby after you’re married.   BAD IDEA: Having a baby when you’re a teenager.


GOOD IDEA: Swimming in the ocean.   BAD IDEA: Swimming in the toilet.


As well, it’s now day 10 and I still have the immobilizing headache and I feel nauseated from the pain and it radiates down my neck and back, and still no MRI results, now been 15 days and I’m really discouraged it’s taking so long and it seems like I’ll never hear back and I hope I get results before Christmas as I need answers,my 14 YR old called me “Dude”, the 9 YR old heard “Donny Osmond” and thought it was “Dummy Husband”, public school teachers across the province are going on strike starting this week, greedily demanding more despite the economy and should be grateful to even have jobs( I’m SO glad we homeschool!) and the post office refuses to look into who might be stealing my magazines out of the mail,too,and said to “check with the distributor” which I already DID and they verified they sent them to the right address(and even sent me a replacement copy which never showed up,either!!), so I gave them my hubby’s business post office box address to send them there from now on instead to see if that makes any difference but if they’re being stolen from the main post office here or by the mail man here it STILL won’t solve the problem and it gets me so mad that they won’t even investigate!! People here just plain SUCK and are so inept and useless!