Santa Sinterklaas/Sint Nicolaas. Santa Claus. St.Nicholas. Father Christmas. Grandfather Frost. St.Nick. Kris Kringle. Whatever you call him, he is a big tradition and legend all over the world at Christmas time, beloved and known to children everywhere for filling stockings or shoes by the fireplace on Christmas Eve( or in Europe on 6 December) and leaving presents under the tree as children leave out food for him or his reindeer. As a kid I believed in him until I was about 8 or 9 and then I seriously had my doubts mainly as I knew about international travel and the various time zones and reasoned there’s no way that he could possibly travel all the way around the world in just one night,esp. when half the world is dark and the other half is daylight at the same time. It just didn’t seem feasible,esp. when you consider it takes 12 HRS by plane just to get to Russia, so how much longer would it take to fly by sleigh, and he had to go to EVERY country, over 200 of them, all within just ONE night? No way! It simply defies logic,even to a kid!

The last 3 “hold outs” that I had that made me still think that he MIGHT still exist were that my cousin(who I looked up to) that was 9 years older than me told me that she heard noises up on the roof  on  Christmas Eve and went to look she saw hoof prints in the snow(and she wouldn’t LIE to me,afterall) and when I sent letters to Santa  thru Canada Post he actually answered back,and when I listened on the radio on Christmas Eve NORAD said they picked him up on radar and certainly THEY wouldn’t lie(and on the NEWS on the RADIO of all things!) now would they? Eventually though common sense won out and I confronted my mother and asked her point-blank( she had tried to threaten me with,”If you don’t believe, you won’t get any gifts anymore !”) and she finally admitted it( but made me promise NOT to divulge it to other kids and ruin it for them, worried as when she told me about sex I went  off and told the other kids my shocking ,yet horrifying ,new knowledge,  sharing what  I’d learned, and they didn’t believe me and went and told their parents and I ended up in ALOT of trouble!!) and then I felt REALLY tricked, betrayed, deceived and lied to and I felt stupid for falling for it and for believing it for all those years.How could I have been so dumb and so gulliable? What a crock!

As for my own kids, they have always known that he’s not real but just a legend.I just never felt it would be right to lie to them and deceive them like that as I remember how I felt when I found out. I remember when I found out it was all a hoax it hit me that the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy weren’t real either,and then in horror I  also thought,”Oh, no! Don’t tell me Jesus isn’t real, either!” I didn’t want my kids to ever think I fooled them or lied to them so we have always told them he isn’t real(but not to tell other kids that still might believe) but rather that people just dress up as him and that it’s really us that buy the gifts and fill the stockings,and my hubby says,”I pay for the stuff, I’m not giving Santa the credit for it!” The older few kids went to the mall(when we lived in the city) and sat on Santa’s knee for the photos but then that sort of died out but now they still go to the local Santa Claus parade.For us Christmas is more about the spiritual aspect of Christ’s birth anyway(and we focus on that) and not the “Santa” aspect or the commercial aspect,anyway.


As well, my headache’s FINALLY gone! Yippee! After 10 days! I’m FREE! At least for now! Still no MRI results yet either(now 16 days!) and we called my doc’s office and there was no answer so left a message and haven’t heard back so I hope they haven’t gone on Christmas holidays yet for 2-3 weeks or else I won’t hear back until the new YR! Our 2 oldest(finishing their last YR of university) are also coming up on the train next week to visit for Christmas; one has a 3-4 HR trip and the other 8 HRS or so, likely the last time we’ll all be together as once they graduate one is moving to Japan  and the other out West, and last night  I also had this gruesome dream I was shot in the face with a machine gun and I could feel my chin fall off…..and at that point I woke up! Ewww!!