The Slaughter Of Innocents.

SchoolShooting I was shocked, sickened, horrified, and cried when I heard the news of the tragic school shooting in Connecticut. 28 people in total were killed, incl. 20 innocent children; an entire Kindergarten class. Sadly, gun violence has become all too common in USA. In this case the 20 YR old gunman killed his mother who was a teacher, along with 2 classes and teachers, and other adults in the school as well as himself. Gun lobbyists are saying that this isn’t the time to talk about stricter gun control laws and they’re right; it should have been enacted much, much sooner, BEFORE this could have happened. Just recently there was another shooting at a shopping mall in Oregon and at a cinema in Colorado. USA has one of the highest rates of gun deaths in the world and they are so obsessed with guns and gun culture and so entrenched in the culture of violence and death it just baffles me. I bet the NRA must be so proud over this most recent shooting; I wonder how their more guns equals less crime is working for them?

Hearing about these school shootings makes me so glad that we homeschool. Not that we need reminding, mind you, but we often get these reminders why we’ve made the best and safest choice for our kids. I could never “get” the American’s on their “right to bear arms” when I think that citizens’ right to feel safe and secure FROM being shot and killed by crazed gunmen should take priority. In countries that have stricter gun laws you just don’t see the high crime and gun violence and school shootings that you see in USA, you just don’t, and the numbers don’t lie and most of the illegal weapons seized in this country have been smuggled in from USA. One of the weapons used in this most recent school massacre was also a machine gun which is more easily accessible in USA but almost impossible to obtain here due to tighter regulations. The pro-gun nutters say they “need” guns to “protect” themselves from the gov’t….but it’s NOT the gov’t that goes around shooting up schools, shopping malls, restaurants, cinemas, etc. it’s trigger-happy yahoos with GUNS that do; they’re the ones you have to worry about; it’s like the gun-slinging Old West, and if guns are harder to get then the rate of gun violence and gun killings would drop drastically down.You don’t need to be a genius to figure it out.It’s true the criminals don’t obey the laws but if you make guns harder to get you don’t make it easy for them!

I also don’t see any difference between these public shootings and attacks on citizens in USA than of a suicide bomber in, say, Iraq, Syria, or Afghanistan. There’s no difference. They both wantonly kill and disregard human life.Violence is violence, killing is killing. They are both terrorists, only the difference is the Americans won’t call the American shooters “terrorists” as that’s a dirty word they reserve for foreigners(usually Arabs/Muslims) in far-away lands that use car bombs or suicide bombers, often targeting Americans, but when it’s a home-grown American, on American soil, they merely refer to them as a “shooter” or a “gunman”, even though there really is no difference in the acts they commit and the innocent public they target.The Americans’ love of guns and violence has exploded into a deadly epidemic of public massacres; they kill their own people domestically(in mass shootings) and kill foreigners abroad(in wars and occupation)They won’t hesitate to condemn a Hamas bomber,for example,yet fail to see their very OWN violent culture that they embrace  in their love and ownership of guns , violent entertainment( TV shows,movies and video games), high crime rate, commonplace and increasing mass shootings,wars, etc.

We have had a couple of school shootings here( Quebec and Alberta) and there was one recently in Norway at a summer camp but they are few and far between,as both countries have stricter gun laws, so these types of things are rare, whereas in USA they happen so frequently and have become all too common.This recent one has got to be one of the worst not only in numbers but because the kids are so young. I am hoping this tragedy will re-open the gun debate but sadly I doubt anything will change. The Americans cling too tightly to their guns with a fierce passion and seem to value their right of gun ownership more than the right to public safety and security and seem unwilling to give it up even for the  public  best interest.They would rather live in a culture of violence and fear, where it’s not even safe to send your kids to school, or to go to the mall or the cinema anymore for fear you might get killed  because some looney-tune decides to take a machine gun and go shoot up the place and where lax gun laws make it easy for him to do so because he doesn’t need a permit, or because there’s no waiting period to obtain a gun, because assault rifles are perfectly legal, or because he can just walk into Walmart and buy a gun. I feel safer because most of MY neighbours DON’T have guns, unless they’re hunters or police officers,and for the criminals that do, rarely go on mass shooting rampages( more commonly used in drive-by gang shootings or robberies.)

Guns DO kill people,and in this most recent case they killed 28 innocent people, incl. 20 little kids. Try and tell their parents that tighter gun laws aren’t needed and that guns don’t kill people.See if that helps THEM feel any better as they try to go to sleep at night with empty aching arms tonight….