Good LORD!

CrazyAmericans The Americans have a REAL problem with guns! Something needs to be done NOW! This is just insane and the gun violence and senseless killings have to stop! If they don’t do it for the safety of the children then what will it TAKE?

Funny Things Kids Say.

FunnyThingsKidsSay I was thinking today about the funny things that the kids have said to eachother. I can still remember years ago when the oldest (now age 23) was 10 and told his 5 YR old brother that I wasn’t his real mother(and caused him to run to me sobbing, inconsolable) and that he was adopted and that we just “found him on the street.” I had to reassure him that I really WAS his real mother and even had to show him that I have the same deformed crooked toe like he does, to prove that we were related; that he really was mine! More recently, the 14 YR old told the 5 YR old(who only has one testicle) that HE took his other ball and that he now has 3 balls, the 18 YR old also somehow managed to convince him that his eyes fell out(and got him all panicked and scared) and the 9 YR old has him convinced that he hatched from an egg as well! When he was a newborn  baby the oldest also used to always hide him on me so that I’d look for him and wouldn’t be able to find him; he’d take him in his wicker “Moses” basket and put him in the closet or behind the curtains or something, and he’d put the girls’ dolls in the freezer,too! He always used to tease his younger brother(5 YRS younger than him) mercilessly as well, so one day he got “back” at him when he was about 5 or so; when the oldest was sleeping the younger one snuck into his room with a pair of scissors and snipped off the “rat tail” that he had in his hair at the back! He had no way to defend himself physically, but this was one way to get him back!  I thought it was so clever I almost died laughing! I had to punish him,of course, but I also had to admire him, and I think even his brother did,too!

As well, the kids went for a horse-drawn wagon ride around town to look at the Christmas lights display,my hubby has a cold and is acting like a big baby(I’d love to see him try to handle one of my immobilizing headaches if he thinks a COLD is bad!!) but I hope he doesn’t infect us over Christmas esp. as someone’s ALWAYS sick over holidays, the 9 YR old loves Prince William and his wife Duchess Kate(whereas the 11 YR old refers to them as “rich stiffs!”) and she told me she saw an angel in her room at night as she was trying to go to sleep; a hazy shadowy figure  sitting at the end of her bed(and she felt calm, not afraid) and it left once I came up for the night and came in to check in on her.You see, she has trouble falling asleep unless I’m upstairs(my bedroom’s right next to hers) and I’d stayed up later to watch TV, so I think it was her Guardian Angel watching over her, taking a “shift”, comforting her, until I came up and she was able to settle to sleep.