The End Of The World.

MayanCalender According to the ancient Mayan calender the end of the world is today, 21 December 2012,and so far we’re still here.Shit. I was kind of hoping they were right(even though I doubted it) as I’m sick of all the sin, immorality,evil,and wickedness in the world and it would be nice to be rid of it all, for a new start, for Jesus to return,the Earth to be renewed, for all sin and evil to be destroyed and for only good righteous people to be left behind.There have been so many end-of-the-world prophecies, so what makes this one any different? The Bible says we ARE in the End Times and the Last Days(so we know it is close) and we can tell by the signs that are occurring now such as increased natural disasters, unusual weather patterns, wars,calling what is bad good and what is good bad,false prophets, persecution of religion,rampant sin ,violence and immorality, false sense of  peace,etc. but it also has to rain down fire from the sky and that still  has yet to occur and so far I haven’t seen that yet….We are told not to speculate and mostly not to worry; that if we follow God(and not the world) that we have nothing to fear; that He looks after His people; it’s the people that live sinful lives and turn away from God that will be destroyed that should be concerned.

It’s been funny though to see all of the End Of The World sales, promotions, parties, jokes,etc. and my hubby has been saying we have to have Christmas early this YR,too, on the 20th, just in case, otherwise we’ll miss it, so to “compromise”(mainly just to shut him up) I told the kids that they could open up one gift each yesterday.Speaking of Christmas, our 2 oldest kids are up for a visit from university(one for 10 days,another for 2 weeks) and our oldest says they have LOTS of snow where he is(we have none here) and all I ever want for Christmas is snow(I’d like a hippo and a Chihuahua,too, but it’s not too likely,either!) but we MIGHT be getting part of that big storm that’s sweeping thru USA(I keep hoping!) for a white Christmas afterall(all we’ve been getting so far is lots of dreary yucky rain),and my hubby always leaves the lights on too which we can’t afford and I always have to remind him to turn them off(to save $$$ and keep the bills down) but he sees as “nagging” and now he snarled that every time I remind him he’ll purposely keep them on(just because he’s an asshole that way) so I told HIM that HE can pay the hydro(electricity) bill then(which ends up 600$ a month and we can’t afford!).

As well, I hope when I see the neurologist that he CAN find the cause to my crippling headaches and worsening brain decline(esp. since the MRI didn’t show anything unusual) thru further testing, and my mother said she noticed too that I’d say something like “Put the milk in the OVEN” when I meant,”Put the milk in the FRIDGE” but I didn’t even realize that I said it and was sure that I’d SAID “fridge” because my brain KNOWS it SHOULD be “fridge” and registers the word as BEING “fridge” but that it actually comes out as “oven” and that kind of thing happens alot,and then I get all embarrassed and feel stupid for having said the wrong thing, and even more so when my family makes fun of me for it. It makes me feel like I’m losing my mind and it’s frustrating, esp. when we don’t know the cause and so then we don’t know the cure….In the meantime I hope my new headache-busting pills work,as well as the ones for my dangerously sky-high BP and swelling, for some temporary relief at least!

…and if you see another blog post here again tomorrow you know that the world is still here. 🙂