The Pickle Ornament.

PickleOrnament(new) This is a glass pickle ornament for the Christmas tree. In German tradition it is considered to be “good luck” to have one on your Christmas tree and on Christmas Eve the pickle ornament is hidden deep within the tree and on Christmas morning  the first child to find the hidden pickle gets a special treat; usually an extra gift, or in our case(because we’re lazy that way) money. Once again we will be doing it this YR. Last  YR it was hidden so well(by the then 17 YR old) I actually thought it wasn’t even in there and thought it was elsewhere! I think it’s just the funniest thing ever! As well we have a bit of light snow but it keeps getting mild and raining in-between as well so unless the temp drops and STAYS cold and the snow stays we probably won’t be having a white Christmas afterall. As well, according to the Mayan calender the world was supposed to have ended yesterday so if it did no one told us or we missed it as I’m still here. Shit. I’m disappointed. Just in case, however, my 9 YR old slept in my bed the night before, just to be safe, so at least we’d die together as she didn’t want to be alone.

I also got my new pills(for headaches and high BP) at the pharmacy and the bill was 300$(the headache-busting pills cost a whopping 33$ each!) so thank God my hubby has a drug plan at work that covers 80% of it as there’s no way we ever could afford it otherwise! My new headache-busting pills cost 33$ a pill so I hope they work and the pharmacist was concerned about the dangerously  high dose as well(the highest possible so if these don’t work I’m just S.O.L) and questioned my doctor’s instructions to take another pill 1-2 HRS after the first dose if the headache’s still there! He said if I DO that it might very well up being the LAST pill that I EVER take! (at least then I wouldn’t have to worry about the immobilizing headaches anymore though!!)

It bothers me as well that whenever I say anything(such as sports are redneck, for example) that my hubby , mother,and 14 and 18 YR olds always dismiss everything I say as,”That’s just YOUR opinion!”  or,”That’s just what YOU think!”and brush it off and always automatically discredit and discount  it as anything I say or think doesn’t count, and  when I say something is tacky my hubby sneers that is’s just because it’s something that *I* don’t like and if I like something it automatically makes it not tacky, and accuses me of “stereotyping”,and I hate it too how he always “pushes” the kids(and doesn’t even wants them to have a break from school or stop exercising even if they feel weak, sick, or tired, for example) too hard and when I say to ease up he accuses me of teaching them to “give up” and wanting them to be “dumb” and “lazy” like *I* am because I’m NOT a “slave driver” like HE is and I give them some slack. I’m sick of always being put down and blamed for everything all the time, for my opinions not mattering or being validated ,and for being demeaned and talked down to like I’m one of the kids. This isn’t the life I want yet I’m powerless to escape.

I also couldn’t believe it hearing on the news the NRA commenting on the recent school massacre in Newtown USA saying the “solution” is MORE GUNS,incl. armed guards in every school! Are they KIDDING? How can they say that with a straight face? I mean, do they actually listen to themselves and hear themselves talk? They are truly bat-shit CRAZY! They said how the “solution” to bad guys with guns is good guys with guns! How about banning guns, esp. the assault rifles? What does anyone even NEED a semi-automatic weapon even FOR? Are they hunting elephants or shooting tanks?  I think the NRA should be banned,too! They are NOT part of the solution; they’re part of the PROBLEM!(but instead they blamed the media, movies,and video games for the gun violence in USA instead of themselves and guns!) It’s insane! I just couldn’t believe it! Are they SERIOUS? WTF?