Quiz QUIZ:

1. Who would you want to eat dinner with?

– Jesus(just not at the Last Supper!)


2. What was your fave. childhood TV show?

-The Three Stooges.


3. Would you want to be a world leader? Why or why not?

– No; too much stress, responsibility,and assassination risk.


4. What is your fave. movie?

– Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.


5. What animals would you like to be?

– Hippo.


6. Are you early or late?



7. Sweet or sour?



8. Would you rather fly or be able to breathe under water?

– Fly.


9. Are you a lone wolf or a social butterfly?

– Lone wolf.


10. Who has been the kindest to you?

– Grade 10 math teacher.


11. What is your earliest memory?

– 3 months old when I had Chicken Pox.


12. When have you felt the most alone?

– When my family gangs up on me.


13. How would you like to be remembered?

– For my strong faith.


14. How did your grandparents meet?

– In the army in WWII.


15. What is the worst thing about having kids?

– All the stress, worry, fear,and trauma.


16. What is your biggest regret?

– Being born.


17. Do you have any nicknames?

-When I was being bullied in school: “Ugly”, “Dog”, “Frankenstein Face”,and “Skuz.”


18. What is your biggest concern right now?

– My crippling headaches.



As well, it said on the news that 95% of the country should have a white Christmas(and Ottawa got 34 cm of snow, the lucky buggers!) but we’ll likely be the 5% that won’t(it figures!) as we just have a slight dusting and it’s going up to 2 C so it’ll all melt(and all I ever want for Christmas is snow!), our oldest says he always feels so tired and run down whenever he’s here and I told him that “Bumble-Fuck” sucks the life out of everyone, and the 9 YR old guessed what her Christmas presents are and wrote it down on labels and stuck them on her gifts and when she opens them up later she’ll see how many she got right, my hubby opened the door up(even though it was – 4 C!) because HE was all hot and sweaty doing HIS exercises but the REST of us don’t want to freeze OR to have the furnace come on and heat up the entire street, the warning on my headache-busting pills instructions says not to use more than 4 times a MONTH but mine are so bad I need them 1-2 times a DAY,  3 of the kids were invited to a redneck bowling birthday party but they have to pay their OWN way which I think is cheap and I’ve never heard of that before; the HOST is supposed to pay for the guests for birthday parties, and starting in the new YR passports will be going up to 160$ so I guess we WON’T be renewing the kids’ afterall( 4 of them are running out at the same time) as we just won’t have the $$$$ but we can no longer afford to go anywhere anymore  anyway!