Blow Fish!

Blowfish  This is what I look like and feel like, a blow fish, all bloated and puffy and swollen; fingers, ankles, face,etc.. The new high blood pressure/ diuretic meds my doctor put me on is a sheer miracle and a Godsend! I feel faint from them but in just 3 days on the pills I have lost a whopping 4 1/2 POUNDS of fluid!!(of course I’m up TWICE during the night to go to the bathroom,too!) I can’t believe it! I am no longer so puffy, and I can see my ankles again,  see and feel the bones in my arms and hands now(my 9 YR old even said,”What is that bump?” It was my wrist bone!) my rings are loose now, and my stomach has even shrunk down to HALF it’s size,like a deflated balloon! The puffiness and  bags under my eyes are less too, my double-chin is gone now,and my hubby said my face isn’t as fat now,either.It’s an early Christmas present for me! It makes me wonder now as well if the 30 pounds I gained over the last 5 YRS despite NOT over-eating is mainly fluid? That might explain why I keep gaining weight and am unable to lose it, even dieting? Maybe it’s all related to fluid retention due to my high BP all along? I wonder how much MORE weight I’ll lose if I lost this much already after just 3 pills(actually not even 3 pills; I only take 1/2 a pill a day) and by taking them daily long-term will not only get rid of the excess fluid I’m retaining now it’ll also prevent any future fluid retention as well!

These are by far the BEST pills I have EVER taken! Woo-hoo!!(hopefully it will bring down my dangerously high BP,too, but for now I’m just happy I’m losing weight!)

No Justice!!

GuyTurcotte This creep is Guy Turcotte, the Quebec cardiologist who stabbed his 2 kids (aged 3 and 5 YRS old) to death 3 YRS ago(it makes me cry just thinking about it) and basically for the most part got away with it. Each were stabbed 20 times, despite begging their father to stop. The reason? To get back at his wife; who was either having an affair during their marriage or they had split up and she had started a new relationship( I’m not sure which; there were conflicting reports) but regardless; it was to “get back” at her.(He should have just killed himself) But, I mean, what sort of monster DOES something like that; to ANY child, but esp. to their own? All he got as “punishment” was being held in a psychiatric facility(he never even went to jail!) and now he’s been released, but-get this- without ANY conditions at ALL; he doesn’t even have to keep taking his meds anymore,and because he was found criminally NOT responsible/ not guilty by reason of insanity(and therefore not a “threat” or a criminal) his ex-wife isn’t allowed police protection either(she fears for her life and safety now he’s out and is afraid he’ll come after her,now,too)now he’s been released as she’s not considered to be a victim or at risk! Can you believe it? To top it off he even chillingly said that he even hopes to have more children some day,too! So basically, he just gets off scot-free and is able to start a new life all over again! There is NO justice in this country at ALL! Needless to say people are appalled and are protesting and hoping to have him re-tried and found guilty and put in jail, which is where he belongs for the REST OF HIS LIFE!!! Canada SUCKS!!! In this country the criminals have more rights than the victims! There is no justice! My 18 YR old’s theory is that as a cardiologist that his skills are too valuable  to society that they can’t be lost and need to be utilized and that if he was in jail it would be a waste esp. as this country has a severe shortage of medical professionals(most of them are leaving or have left the country) so his crime was overlooked so he can get back to work….


As well, we had to scrape  the black mold off one of the bathRM ceilings and re-paint it  and install a new “shit-sucker” fan,I have a dry mouth from my new BP meds(I have had it before as side-effect of meds but only lasts about 2 weeks) my hubby and I were blocking eachother in the narrow hallway so neither could pass unless one stood aside so I told him,”Ladies first!” and he sneered,”You’re NOT a lady!”( insulting me and putting me down as ALWAYS because he’s a dick) so I shot back at HIM,”You’re right; YOU’RE more of a lady than I am since YOU’RE so effeminate!” and he was throwing a paper airplane at the 14 YR old at church yesterday too and doesn’t know how to behave and really should grow up(he embarrasses me) and we have to leave an HR early for Mass tonight for Christmas Eve if we want to get seats as it’s always soooo crowded it’s packed; standing room only!