Me, A To Z.

ABC's Me, A To Z:

A: Armadillo: I love armadillos!

B: Buffalo Butt: My wide-load has a life of it’s own!

C: Chocolate: My fave. food!

D: The first letter of someone I love dearly.

E: Everything: What I hate about myself.

F: The letter my fave. swear word begins with.

G: Greece: One of my fave. vacations spots.

H: Hippo: My fave. animal.

I: India: A place I still want to go to someday.

J: Jesus: I love Him!

K: Korea: Where my best friend is from.

L: Lenny Kravitz: One of my fave. singers.

M: Math: the subject I hate most.

N: Nissal: What my now 18 YR old used to call frogs when he was little.

O: Orange: Used to be my fave. colour when I was a kid.

P: Purple:My fave. colour now.

Q: Queen size: the size of my bed.

R: Rednecks: I can’t stand!

S: Snow: I love it!

T: Tanning: My fave. summer past time.

U: Underwire: I need to have in my bra due to my huge boobs.

V: Vines: We have them on our house.

W: Winter: A fave. season of mine.

X: X-rays: I have had a few of them over the YRS.

Y: Yellow: The colour my skin and whites of my eyes went when I had liver failure 5 YRS ago.

Z: Zebra: One of my 13 YR old’s fave. animals.


As well, yesterday my hubby visited his siblings and nephews, etc. for a redneck family Christmas where they played pool, cards, darts,and watched wrestling, sports, etc, and the kids and I spent a quiet relaxing day at home and they got to sleep in as late as they wanted too without him here as he always makes them wake up by a certain time even on days off even though I think they should be allowed to sleep in ; that’s what holidays are FOR,and they played with the toys they got for Christmas,and we ate leftovers, and I always wondered what noises hippos make so I searched on YouTube and saw them on a video and they sound like a combination of cows AND pigs; they moo like cows and snort like pigs(and I put the video up here so you can see,too), it’s so retarded here as well that the pizza place was even closed by 19:30 on Christmas Eve(they roll up the sidewalks here by 17:00 every night!) and for my birthday next week(I’ll be 46) I want a Chihuahua but that’s not too likely,and I’ll be lucky if I even get a gift at ALL; I usually just get a cake,and only some of the kids even bother to make me cards….sigh…