First Snowstorm!

SnowStorm We got our first snowstorm! We got a whopping 29 cm! The kids were outside playing in it and it looks so beautiful, like a winter wonderland! We’re supposed to get more Saturday as well! Now it finally looks and feels like winter! As well, I got a copy of my MRI report in the mail sent by my doctor,and even though there’s no tumours or aneurysms(nothing imminently critical) it’s NOT normal afterall;there ARE a few abnormalities they found:

In my neck: slight reversal of cervical lordosis; a reversed “C” shaped vertebrae. This might explain my neck pain!

Microvascular ischemic changes in the brain: small areas of  past mini-strokes that have been caused by my high blood pressure. Would explain my headaches and brain decline!

Dominant left vertebral artery in the Circle of Willis( the main artery that supplies blood to the brain) This is enlarged so I suppose it must mean there is a risk of rupture/aneurysm in the future and must be watched. Would cause headaches I would assume as it pulses and presses on surrounding  nerves.

Increased inversion recovery echogenic foci( dark spots show up) on hemispheric white matter of brain: small spots usually indicate old hemmorages and bigger spots generally indicate fluid collection. Also noted as “Technically indeterminate” meaning they’re not sure of the cause or the significance, but it’s concerning and not normal.

High T2 signal: Indicates either MS or scarring of the brain and/or spinal cord.

Lesions on white matter of brain.

They recommend a follow-up MRI again in 6 months following the last one(which was in Nov.) which would be the end of May, to monitor for any changes. I’m glad to at least have some answers that could help explain my symptoms,and to give the neurologist something to look into  and further follow up on. My hubby dismisses the report as ” ‘Normal’ abnormalities they likely find in ALL MRI’s” which is just dumb as  by definition an abnormality isn’t normal! I KNEW there was something and that something was wrong!


As well, my son said I’m “lazy” as due to my breathing problem I can’t shovel snow(my doctor even warned me any physical exertion and I’d end up in the ICU; I even get out of breath if I go up a flight of stairs!)  and I’m so sick and tired of my family always putting me down,demeaning and insulting me, and telling me how lazy and stupid I am, how my thoughts and opinions don’t matter, complaining that they don’t like it that *I* don’t like political indoctrination and propaganda, of being accused of “sheltering” my kids because I try to protect them from worldly bad influences,sabotaging my religious upbringing of the kids, of the other kids always picking on,blaming and setting up the 9 YR old and then me being accused of “favouring” her because I don’t allow it,of not having any say or authority in my own home, and always being over ruled and under mined, etc. and then they wonder WHY I’m so miserable and want another family and wish I could just leave and have another life. I want out. I want to be someone else, somewhere else. I just wish I could disappear somewhere.I just wish I could be happy again.