Hippo Fun Facts.


Hippopotamus means “River Horse”

They are the third largest land animal after elephants and rhinos

Their milk is pink

They live to 40-50 years

They live in Africa

They live in herds of up to 100 individuals and when in water they are referred to as “pods” of hippos

They weigh 3000- 4000 pounds

They go in mud and water to cool down and so their skin doesn’t dry out

They have purple grey skin

They mate and give birth in the water

Babies weigh 60-100 pounds at birth

A mother hippo usually only has one baby at birth but can on occasion have twins

‘They mainly eat grass and emerge from the water at dusk to feed and eat for 4-5 HRS

They emerge out of the water every 3-5 minutes to breathe but babies emerge every 2-3 minutes

Their nostrils close up while under water

They are not social creatures even though they live in large groups and congregate close together in the water; the only close bonds are formed between mothers and daughters

They are very fierce and aggressive and are one of the most aggressive animals in Africa and have killed more people there than any other animal

They fight crocodiles, lions,and hyenas

They have big wide mouths and teeth that are 20 inches in length

They are territorial only in water or to protect their young

They moo and snort like cows and pigs

They are my fave. animal!