NewYearsEve Today is New Year’s Eve, a celebration I ignore and just sleep thru. Later today we have Mass, a Holy Day of Obligation for Mary, the Mother of God for New Year’s, but other than that we have no other plans and don’t do anything to celebrate, no New Year’s Eve parties or anything like that. I’ll be fast asleep way by Midnight anyway (I’m awake at 5-6 am) and I think New Year’s Eve is just an excuse for loser boozers to get drunk anyway and the worst day out on the roads for drunk drivers. I don’t really see what the big deal is anyway and they are way overpriced anyway the dinners, and food I wouldn’t eat anyway(being a vegetarian) and I don’t drink,I hate socializing, can’t stay up late,  I don’t dance, and partying was never my scene,anyway.so I really don’t see the point. I’d rather be home in bed under my nice snuggy warm blankets.I guess I’m an old fuddy duddy. All the kids really do to ring in the New Year is go out on the front porch at Midnight and bang wooden spoons on pots and pans and make a terrible racket yelling out “Happy New Year!” at the top of their lungs, a tradition handed down from my family that I remember doing as as a kid myself, although I’m still not sure why or what the significance of it is!

As well, my MRI indicated possible MS(based on my high T2 signal) and the symptoms of it ARE similar to Chiari Malformation as symptoms are similar for many things(and it would explain my fatigue,clumsiness, numbness and tingling, muscle weakness, hand trembling, brain decline,etc.) but the bad thing is it’s degenerative and there’s no cure so I could end up in a wheelchair if it turns out that I DO have it afterall(that’s for the neurologist to look into further and to determine thru further testing, but at least now he has more to go on)and I’d rather die first if so, yet my hubby refuses to believe it and thinks it’s “all in my head” and that I “imagine” it,and I HATE it that no one EVER validates, believes, or takes anything with me seriously!

The 9 and 11 YR olds also love the Boy Band One Direction and compete who’s the biggest fan(the 9 YR old wins) and I can’t stand that “pussy” style music(I think it’s “gay”) and I’m embarrassed they have no taste in music, but at least they’re better than that little twerp Justin Bieber though; he still doesn’t look or sound like he’s hit puberty yet and looks and sounds like a girl; he’s a little twink that tries to look like a punk and at least the One Direction guys LOOK like guys and are nice looking and clean cut and they’re not druggies or anything, so I guess it could be worse, and hopefully as the kids get older they’ll develop some taste in music….Sigh…