Easter Sunday!!

Easter(new) Today is Easter Sunday.It is the holiest day of the YR. It is NOT about bunnies, eggs, chicks,ducks, or chocolates. It is about Jesus’ Resurrection. He is risen from the dead. Alleluia!! A day of glorious celebration, eternal hope,and renewal.

It was funny at the Easter Vigil Mass last night,too: an old guy forgot to turn off his cell phone and right in the middle of church it rang  loud and clear and the ring tone was the song “Super Freak” and everyone cracked up laughing! Today the kids got their chocolates in their baskets(but we don’t do the “Easter Bunny” thing though) and the 9 YR old told the 11 YR old”Don’t expect too much this YR though with this economy!!”, looked for foil covered eggs we had hidden around the house and went on a scavenger hunt. We also have a big dinner(our “Easter Feaster!”) in the dining room complete with a cake baked in a cross shape for Jesus.

Holy Saturday.

HolySaturday(new) Today is Holy Saturday. Jesus has been crucified and is in the tomb. It seems all hope is lost. It looks like it is all over now….except we know how the story ends. The best is yet to come. All we have to do is wait.Until. Tomorrow….


As well, we have church 3 days in a row this week for Holy Week; on Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and tonight for Easter Vigil,and today the kids are going on an Easter egg hunt at a local farm. The Internet is also so slow (again!) and everything is sooooo slow loading that it reminds me of back in the 90’s when I had dial-up and it’s SO frustrating and annoying and they changed the format to send mail in G-Mail too and with my Asperger’s I have a hard time with change and I don’t like it and have a hard time learning new things so I’m really pissed off! The van also needed new tires AND the brakes fixed, costing 800$  we can’t afford and my hubby just charged it on his credit card and shrugged, “We needed it!” and I told him, “We need ALOT of things we can’t afford!” and the $$$$$ situation is so dire now I worry that we won’t be able to send any of the other kids to university; that the 2 oldest will be the only ones able to go!

I was also saddened to hear in the news a family of 4 died in a housefire and it just as easily could have been us when we had OUR fire YRS ago and this thought scares me and I’m grateful we made it out alive( but just barely!) and it’s something I’ll never forget, and this stupid country pulled out of the UN Convention on Deserts (helping drought victims in Africa) the ONLY country in the WORLD to do so; I think just out of spite since they were denied a spot on the UN Security Council; I’m no “fan” of the UN but I think it was purely “sour grapes!” Canada SUCKS  and only keeps getting worse and worse all the time! I wish I could leave but have no $$$! I really hate this country and want to move.

My meddling cruel mother also says I always “pick” on the 6 YR old because I “always punish” him even though HE’S always being bad all the time,and  the 16 YR old because I DON’T approve of HER transgender/ vampire/Punk/Goth look,and that I “always ‘control’ everyone” all the time too because I make the kids follow rules and behave! She really IS a piece of work!

Good Friday.

GoodFriday(new) Today is Good Friday. It is the day that Jesus was crucified on the Cross and died for our sins. Because of Him humankind has been reconciled to God. We will no longer die in our sins but have been saved and redeemed. We will not suffer eternal damnation but will go to Heaven and attain eternal life. Jesus is God’s greatest gift to us. We can never repay Him for His debt. Today is a solemn day of fasting and prayer. Are we living holy lives worthy of His sacrifice?

Holy Thursday.

HolyThursday(new) Today is Holy Thursday, the day Jesus ate The Last Supper with His Apostles, the Passover meal,and when He introduced the first Holy Eucharist, giving them His Body and Blood, “Take this all of you and eat it, do this in memory of Me.” It is also the time He washed their feet showing them an example of what service is, telling them to go out and do likewise. Shortly after the Last Supper they went out to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray where they were approached by soldiers and Jesus was betrayed by Judas by a kiss and He was arrested and taken away for what was to be a 9 HR trial leading up to His crucifixion on the Cross.


As well, the girl next door brought her almost 3-week old baby over and he’s sooooo cute and I had forgotten how small they are! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a newborn; our youngest just turned 6!  They also said they had to get rid of their dog as it was getting jealous and aggressive( they’ve gone thru even more dogs than WE have!!) and I’m worried our 15 YR old’s leukemia might be back(he’s been in remission for 8 YRS now) as he had body aches a couple of days ago and the other night he fell asleep at 7 pm! If it were any of the other kids I’d just think they were tired or getting a virus but with him it’s always there; the fear of possibility gnawing at me, lurking in the back of my head,like a dark cloud always hanging over me…..