I’ve Been Audited!

Audit At first I wasn’t sure if  was even going to mention this due to it’s extreme personal nature, but decided that I  would since it does greatly impact my life, weighs heavily on my heart,and can happen so easily to anybody, and this can serve as a warning to other people. Awhile ago I was “randomly selected” to be audited.(I know, why DO these things ALWAYS happen to ME?).I have the WORST luck. In this country every family is entitled to gov’t benefits( no, it’s NOT welfare) and you qualify if you have dependent kids living at home under the age of 18 and the monthly amount you receive each month varies by family depending on your marital status,  income,and  number and ages of of the kids.Soon I would find out,however, that anything from the gov’t always comes at a high price and with “strings” attached, generally your privacy and freedom, and is never worth the cost.The less gov’t involvement you have in your lives, the better. Whenever you are involved with them they have power and control over you and they “own” you and you are their “bitch”.You are never free.

The audit was very invasive and a gross invasion of privacy and I refused to co-operate on principle(it goes against everything I believe in), plus, I was also unable to comply as it would expose and endanger our homeschooling. Homeschooling IS legal but it’s NOT legally required to be reg’d and authorities can be over zealous and harrass homeschoolers, even to the point that they have to move, so we prefer to stay anonymous and “underground” and not “advertise.” In the audit they asked all sorts of nosey questions and demanded all sorts of intrusive things, incl. proof of kids’ schooling, incl. letter from the school principal, and copies of the kids’ report cards and attendence records, which, of course, being homeschoolers, we couldn’t provide. They also said in the case of homeschooling to provide a letter of “approval” from the local school board which we don’t have,either. On top of that they also wanted proof of residence, incl. letter from landlord, rent or mortgage statements, and utility bills, but having fled an enemy and living in hiding everything to do with the house and the bills are all under my mother’s name(not ours) anyway(so we can’t be traced) so we couldn’t provide those even if we wanted to. They also asked for bank statements,letters from daycare(which we don’t have,either) doctor,and dentist, and all sorts of other things that were none of their business and that I refused and was unable to provide.They warned if you did not meet their demands(which sounds more like threats,actually) you would either be cut off your benefits or have to pay back $$$.

It was agony waiting to see what they would do for not complying. It was mental torture. They decided since I didn’t jump thru their hoops to punish me  that 3 of the kids no longer “qualified”(even though the others did ,so figure that one out) even though they all still do meet the requirements.They said the audit went back 2 years and that they weren’t cutting me off but  they were making me pay BACK 42 000$!That’s alot of $$$$! It might as well be a MILLION $$$$ because I don’t have the $$$$ and I’d DIE first before I’d ever pay the gov’t a single penny, esp. when we haven’t done anything wrong! Needless to say I was shocked and angry! Luckily though they aren’t bringing legal action against me to pay it but rather are deducting 500$ a month from my benefits to pay off the debt(it’ll take like 7-8 YRS) to pay it off,leaving the previous 1000$ a month down to just 500$. I’m furious though and who’s to say in a few more YRS the same thing won’t happen again; that they won’t audit me again and ask for more requirements that I can’t give them? What then?

I hate this country so much. I feel betrayed and screwed over by it. Now they’re taking my $$$$ too,so what do I have left to take away from me now? I’m just glad they didn’t sue me though as I have no $$$$ for legal fees,either, and have no way to even get a loan to pay the debt either with no job, no income,and no collateral.I couldn’t handle the stress of a lawsuit either so if they ever do decide to sue me we’d just have to move and I’d disappear again(we did it once so we can do it again) where they couldn’t find me(and moving would be cheaper than legal fees,anyway!) I just wouldn’t fill out income tax so they wouldn’t be able to track me down(and the benefits are my only income and if they cut me off I wouldn’t have an income and wouldn’t have to fill out income tax,anyway!)I’ve been on the run and living in hiding for so long now anyway it’s just become a way of life. I hate it that here I am a debt-free person who’s never owed a debt in my life and here I am now owing 42 000$ for no reason,just because this fascist country sucks, when all I’m doing is protecting our homeschooling.

This is what happens when you live in a socialist country!