The Accident.

NoAlcohol(new) My friend M(from grade 10) posted on Facebook that her son(who’s away at his first YR at college) “was coming out of the bar after enjoying a few pints” when he got on his bike and was involved in some sort of accident. He either slipped on ice or was hit by a car( his memory was sketchy, either from being drunk ,from the accident, or both) and was knocked off his bike face-first onto the road unconscious. Her post was to thank the Good Samaritan that called 9-1-1 and took his bike for him and slipped a note into his pocket telling him that he had his bike, leaving his name, number,and address, where he could pick it up after. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance and fixed up and will be ok, but my question in all this is: what was he DOING drinking and riding his bike( which you ride in traffic) in the first place?Alcohol impairs your judgement, reaction time,reflexes,perception,and co-ordination. I see no difference than drinking and driving! He’s lucky that he wasn’t killed! I hope he will learn his lesson but sadly he probably won’t. Alcohol serves no useful purpose and is one of society’s biggest ills. One thing I will also never understand is why people think that they need to drink alcohol to have a good time. I just don’t get it.

A funny but true story as well: on the weekend my hubby and the 15 and 18 YR old boys were in Toronto and they were trying to find a restaurant downtown looking for a place to eat and they almost went into a GAY BAR but the rainbow flag on the door, flashing lights and loud pulsating music was a give-away and they quickly left!  Ha ha! When I heard about that it made me laugh for HRS afterwards, the 9 YR old decided that she wants to become a nun when she grows up, the squirrels are back in the roof again so we filled in the hole by shoving a big piece of wood in to block it this time, my mother snickered that SHE’S “nicer” than me ( she thinks that she’s a “martyr”) and sneered “Just ask any of the kids!” but of course they’d “side” with her as she “buys” their affection and has turned them away from me  so it would be a biased opinion, and it made me shake my head in disbelief that she actually   thinks she’s “nice”; she has GOT to be kidding;she’s the most cruel, hateful, vindictive, mean-spirited person I know!

As well, now the fascist Big Brother gov’t is also trying to ban fast food and junk food trying to “combat childhood obesity” in it’s all-out war on fat people now; it seems that it’s the last socially acceptable discrimination , trying to ban it in school cafeterias and ban all advertising aimed at kids(such as for sugary cereals, McDonald’s,etc.) So much for the freedom and choice to be able to eat whatever we want,and if they’re REALLY concerned about health, then why not ban alcohol and cigarettes that are REALLY unhealthy? Hasn’t it ever occurred to them that some people just genetically ARE fat, and what’s with the assault on trying to get rid of fat people,anyway? Why does the gov’t always try to ban, regulate, and control everything all the time? It reminds me of Nazi Germany, trying to eliminate those in society that they thought to be “inferior” and “undesirable” to the “Master Race.” What next, will it be illegal to be ugly,too?