Florida One thing I will never get: why so many people in this country(esp. old folks) go down to Florida for the winter, incl. many of my own family. When my grandparents were alive they spent every winter down there and now most of my aunts and uncles own winter properties down there as well but I can’t figure it out. I’ve been there (Miami and Fort Lauderdale) and to tell you the truth I wasn’t that impressed; I found it waaay too humid and there were waaay too many rednecks there.Actually I prefer the California climate( more a dry heat) to Florida’s. Certainly there are other places that also have warm weather,too,and besides, Florida also has lots of crime and hurricanes. I like my cousin and her husband’s idea better: they own a house in the south of Spain they go to every winter(they already live in Europe anyway,though) and return in the spring. I’d much prefer that to Florida(I’ve been to Barcelona and I liked it) and I just don’t get the fascination with it and why so many people flock down there every winter,it’s like a mecca for old folks,and it’s not just a few people we’re talking about here,either; it’s MILLIONS,and it’s big business,too! There’s just something about Florida that attracts old people, I guess. My friend at church goes down there every YR and stays there for most of the winter as well.Like a magnet for seniors, but even when I’m old and retired I’m not moving to Florida. Going back to the Caribbean,maybe, but not Florida.

As well, I heard on the news a medical study of 241 countries this loser country rated # 6 in the top of being loser boozers; in the top 2/3!! The national average alcohol consumption rate per person annually was 6.1 litres and here it was 9.9 litres, the main choice was beer, people here used alcohol mainly to get drunk(as compared to alcohol use in other countries where it was consumed with meals,such as a glass of wine with dinner) and is the leading cause of death in people aged 15-29. I’m not surprised! I always KNEW this was a country of low-class drunken  redneck beer-swilling loser boozers but now it’s official and no wonder it’s one of the highest rates of drunk drivers in the world as well! I’m so embarrassed to be Canadian,and yet another reason this country sucks and is the first of the worst and always rates the highest in everything bad and lags behind in all that is good compared to the rest of the world. This country is a disgrace! I would leave if I could afford it.

We also ran out of bread and only had 200$ to buy groceries( now we’re poor it really sucks!!) and had to go into next week’s $$$$ so now we can’t grocery shop for 2 weeks(instead of once a week)and just have to make do, and had to use some of the food money to buy cold medicine( all the kids have the cold now) as we didn’t have any “extra” to pay for it, and the 9 YR old heard my hubby telling the 15 YR old,”Church is a waste of time; Mama’s the only one that wants to go,anyway!”sabotaging my religious upbringing of the kids as usual,and it’s HIS redneck hobbies that are a waste of time, not worshipping God!