Hugo Chavez.

HugoChavez The President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez has died of cancer. He was 58. He’d just died and people were already saying mean hateful things about him even though I thought you weren’t supposed to disrespect the dead but I guess some people just have no class. People say he was a dictator, but keep in mind that one man’s dictator(or rebel, revolutionary, or terrorist) is another man’s freedom fighter, and he did use much of his nation’s vast oil wealth to improve the living conditions of the poor and by all accounts he seemed to be well-loved by his people,and I did admire him for his stance against American imperialism and his willingness to stand up to them and their aggression in the world.Like anyone else I suppose he had both his good points and his bad points and those criticizing him should take a good look in the mirror at their own selves first.(He who is the first to cast stones….)

As well, a public health study showed that alcohol is the number one health threat in this country(no surprise here given all the drunken rednecks!) and that 80% of Canadians drink alcohol,and that they drink 50% above  the global average compared to other countries in the world, and  suggested ways to combat it is to raise the legal drinking age from 19 to 21 and to make access to alcohol harder, which also means scrapping the recent idea of having it more EASILY available in convenience and grocery stores. This country is an embarrassment.I have GOT to find a new place to live!

My mother also gave most of the 9 YR old’s serving of fries to my hubby even though when we’re short of food the KIDS are supposed to get fed first, the 11 YR old ruined her new doll by cutting off all the curls in it’s hair making it straight, the 13 YR old bought a Goth vampire doll(with bat wings and wearing all black) that I forbid as I don’t let them buy anything to do with the occult(but no one ever listens to me and I’m always ignored, over-ruled and undermined), and the 15 YR old said he used to think that the 9 YR old was a brat when she was little….until the 5 YR old came along, but now she’s NOTHING compared to HIM and that NO ONE can compare to HIM, and there was another marijuana grow-up raid in a business downtown in town yesterday,too; there is a really BIG drug problem here in this town and I am desperate to leave if only I could afford to move! It’s such a drug and gang-infested run-down shit-hole of a redneck town and not a good place to raise kids at all!

My hubby also stubbornly refused to get a new water jug for the water cooler simply because *I* asked him to, and whenever someone he doesn’t like ( such as me or the 9 YR old) asks him to do something he automatically won’t, just out of spite and to be an asshole, and I hope that Cardinal Bertone isn’t chosen as the new Pope either; he’s currently the Vatican Secretary of State,handpicked by ex-Pope Benedict himself,and he’s the most corrupt at the highest level and most apostate of them ALL(even worse than Benedict); if he gets elected it would be the worst thing for the Church ever(he would absolutely destroy it) and so much so I’d even seriously have to consider leaving…