“Ketchup” Post.

Ketchup(new) Catching up on recent events:

I heard on the news that “Canadian icon” Stompin’ Tom Connors had died and I thought, “Who?” I’ve never even heard of him,and then someone mentioned that he was a country folk singer and had some loser hockey song so then I’m like, “Oh! redneck music! Now it makes sense! THAT’S why I had no idea who he was!” Then the 15 YR old infuriated me by saying that I’M a redneck when I’m actually the furthest thing FROM it,and that’s one of the biggest insults that anyone could call me( that and “whore”, which I’m also not and which the 18 YR old calls me) and how could I possibly be a redneck when I HATE redneck things like sports, country music, wrestling, darts, NASCAR, UFC, alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc. and DO like culture and the arts such as opera, the ballet, the theatre,and the symphony,and enjoy other cultures,languages,travel,etc? It’s my hubby that’s the redneck actually, and when he agreed with the 15 YR old I told him, “Who are YOU to call ANYONE a redneck?” and I told the 15 YR old, “and YOU’RE just LIKE him, TOO!” which he replied, “I’d rather be like him than like YOU!”

I get this crap from my family all the time. They’re always insulting me, hassling me, provoking me,calling me names and putting me down and I’m sick of it. I honestly wish I could trade my family,and in fact, I regret that I ever had kids in the first place and wish that I didn’t,and what really hurts is that it was always my dream to have kids but it ended up ruining my life.They are obnoxious, rude and disrespectful.They talk back to me, call me names and mouth off. They defy and ignore me as I have no authority being always over-ruled and under-mined by my hubby and mother. I would have been better off staying single. I’m a failure at EVERYTHING and my entire life has been a failure, not to mention that my Asperger’s and countless traumas have also ruined me emotionally and traumatized me and stunted my growth as an individual and made me unable to develop into independence.I am both ill-equipped for life and for parenthood.

MY hubby and the 15 YR old also continued their attack by saying that we’re all rednecks now that we’re poor,too, even though we’ve only been poor for a couple of months and income doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with it; I had a friend who didn’t have much $$$$ but she was cultured, and yet you have very wealthy families like the Kennedys who have no class; being redneck is a lifestyle CHOICE. I really resent being called that when it’s a lie and when they’re just doing it to hurt me. Why is it though that the people who are SUPPOSED to love me are the ones that treat me the WORST and hate me the most?