Follow-up MRI.

MRIBrainScan I got my follow-up MRI and much to my surprise this time it was only 20 min and not 1 HR  like last time so it actually took longer to get there( 40 min; out of town hospital) than it did for the scan! It was just to see if there’s any changes though but I didn’t get the contrast dye injected this time even though I DID get the blood work done to test my kidney function so now I wonder if I failed it and they weren’t able to safely give me the dye?(Kidney trouble would also explain my edema and fluid retention, and speaking of that on the diuretics I also lost 2 more pounds of fluid, too, now for a total of 7 pounds overall!)This time they only scanned my brain and not my neck as well as we know the reversed vertebrae in my neck will still be the same(that’s not going to change on it’s own) but they want to see if the enlarged major artery in my brain has gotten bigger(at risk for rupture if so) or not and stayed the same, and if the old hemmorages and fluid collection in my white matter has reabsorbed and is gone now, still looks the same, or if there’s been more since the last scan in November, and if there’s any more possible signs of MS,and it was also a day where I also happened to have numbness and tingling(possible indications of nerve damage from either MS or diabetes?) in my face and hands as well so it’ll be interesting to see if anything different registers on the scan in relation to that. I wouldn’t be surprised either if there’s a big blank spot in my brain on the part that processes math!

I still have the cold as well and was concerned I’d sneeze, sniffle, or cough and you have to be completely still for them to get a good image, but I was ok, and everyone in the house has the virus now, which also comes with a bad cough and sore ears and the 16 YR old had to go to the ER at 5 am with a raging ear infection( some of the other kids have it as well but not as bad as her but the 11 YR old’s just laying around and hers really hurt) so bad she was crying, and this is a kid that’s so quiet you never hear a sound out of her normally and she wouldn’t say “shit” even if she had a mouthful, so you KNOW she must have really been hurting,and so my hubby wakes me up in the middle of the night asking me where her health card is, startling me awake and scaring the beejesus out of me(I thought he was a burglar!), but luckily at that time the hospital was deserted and no one was there and it was the quickest trip ever; in and out and back home in 30 min! Usually you’re there 6-8 HRS! She got antibiotics,and I can still remember when I was 5 and had a bad ear infection and woke up screaming; it felt like a math compass was being jammed into my eardrums, it felt just  like this one time I was on a plane when I was about 16 and one of my eardrums actually ruptured with the pressure upon landing( I usually have problems with it although not usually THAT bad) and all this fluid ran out of my ear down my neck and I wasn’t able to hear for 3 days but the membrane eventually healed itself. (Maybe our family just has bad ears and narrow ear canals?)Just like Internet meme Sweet Brown says, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”