OldLady I feel really old. I feel like a shrivelled up fossil. I am 46 but I feel much older with my poor health, bad back, bad knee, and also due to other factors such as:

– Over the weekend our oldest son’s( he’ll be 24 later this YR) friend from when they were teens got married. I remember this guy from when he was 12. The 2 oldest kids also have a few other friends(that they were also friends with as teens) that are married now as well and one even now has 2 kids already!  None of my kids are married yet and haven’t even started dating; they’re still concentrating on school. The 2 oldest graduate university this YR.

– The girl next door( age 20) had her first baby (a boy, by cesarian) on Sunday. I remember when we moved into this house she was just 10 YRS old and now she’s a mother.

– Some friends of mine from school are now grandparents. One of my friends from grade 10 has 2 grandkids already and another friend from grade 8 has 5 grandkids. They’re both the same age I am. One of them was a grandmother at 35. I was still having kids at that age! I had my 10th baby at 36 and my last child at 40.

– Sitcom stars I used to watch on TV in the 70’s and 80’s are all either dead or dying now.

– Music I listen to is now considered to be “Classics”(from the 70’s and 80’s)

– Certain bands and songs I like or things I used to have or use( such as typewriters, Liquid Paper, rotary phones,rollerskates,etc.) my kids have never even seen or heard of.

– I know of a life before Internet, computers, video games, TV remotes, microwaves, digital TV, mobile devices, etc.

– Kids I used to keep an eye on in my neighbourhood back in the 80’s are now grown up, in their 30’s and have families of their own now.

– All my relatives( grandparents, aunts and uncles) that were a big part of my childhood and that made up alot of my childhood memories are all dead now.

– My younger cousins who I still see as kids are grown and have their own families now.

– My oldest kids are old enough to have their own families.

-It’s been 28 YRS ago since I graduated highschool.

I’m so old. I’m a mouldy oldy. I should just roll over and die.


As well, it was a balmy 11 C yesterday(a nice start for the week-long March Break holiday) so we were outside and I even got some colour on my face from the sun and the band across the street was practicing and had their amp right at the door so it was really loud so we got a nice free Blues concert, with the increase in my BP meds my BP has been normal for the past few readings; in the 120/85 range, and I told the 18 YR old I expect my boys to be gentlemen and to have proper manners; that chivalry is NOT dead,and when they take a lady out on a date that they’re expected to pay her way, and to help her on with her coat, hold the door open for her, etc. and he sneered what about equal rights and she should pay her own way, etc. and I told him I don’t go for that feminism crap, and that good manners should never go out of style and I want to raise them right, and he snarked about it’s “disrespectful” to women, but HOW can being polite and treating her like a lady be disrespectful? In any case, I don’t care WHAT the world does; I want my boys to have proper manners and etiquette!

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