Toronto I miss Toronto. I was born there, raised there, grew up there, and lived there until I was 17. I miss the happy memories I have of my happy childhood and (sometimes) happy teen YRS. I miss living in the city, I miss the shopping, the restaurants, the entertainment, the attractions, the street festivals, the cultural events, the ethnic festivals, the things to do. Here in “Bumble- F*ck” there’s NOTHING to do and it’s sooooo boring. There’s nowhere to go, and nothing to do. Every time I go back to Toronto it reminds me of the old life that I used to have, when I was happy. It reminds me of  my happy past, of a life I used to have and wish I could go back to. Whenever I visit there for me it’s almost like stepping back into time, back into my past,and I wish I could move back there again except I can’t afford to live there now. I also watch the Toronto news on TV and seeing familiar streets and landmarks brings me back to a happy time in my life and brings back nostalgic memories. It’s a connection to my past I wish I could go back to and I miss the city so much.


As well, some nutter has accused Toronto Mayor Ford of “groping” her at an official function and accuses him of being on drugs, possibly cocaine, and interestingly she ran against him in the past election for mayor and lost, and 3 witnesses said nothing happened and 2 of them even overheard her telling a friend she was going to “set him up” and even try to stage a photo from such an angle it looked like he was grabbing her ass so she could have a better shot at winning the next election, so it’s obviously politically motivated, and the more she opens her mouth the less credibility she has and it says more about her than it does about him,and I think he should sue HER for slander, and it’s awful how people are always trying to vilify him,attack him,and bring him down,and since they can’t find anything legitimate they now resort to making things up!

The Queen was also at some Commonwealth event and signed an anti-discrimination document and someone commented that gays weren’t mentioned, but why SHOULD they be? I mean, discrimination is discrimination; why single out the gays and mention them specifically? It’s no worse to discriminate against gays than it is to discriminate against anyone else; it’s wrong no matter WHO it happens to,and why should THEY always be given special mention and more importance,and why does everything always have to be turned into a gay issue all the time,anyway?

The 15 and 18 YR olds were mocking me again as well; the 18 YR old squawked at me, “Caw! caw!” saying I sound like a crow, and the 15 YR old scoffed about me(to him) “She’s SO annoying!” and the 18 YR old says he doesn’t respect me because I’m “stupid and don’t deserve respect” and since he’s not going to university we decided that he gets a job and moves out on his own( or at least in the meantime pays rent while he’s still living here) and he’s balking and doesn’t think he should have to but we don’t want him freeloading here rent-free forever and just playing online games all day for the rest of his life, and besides, kids are eventually supposed to move out and leave home when they grow up,and he sneered how come *I* never left home then, but in my case it’s different as I have Asperger’s and I don’t have any job or life skills and am unable to function independently or survive on my own but wish I could; I’d LOVE to be able to move out and live on my own if I could! That would be my dream!