Blog Quiz.

Quiz 1. What do you hate about yourself?

– What DON’T I hate about myself? Mostly my looks , my weight,and my Asperger’s though.


2. What is your fave. food?

– Indian,Italian, or Chinese.


3. What is your fave. clothing?

– Hippie style; long, loose, gauze  flowing skirts, cotton Peasant blouses, Tie-dye


4.What is the last thing you ate?



5. What is the last TV show you watched?

– CSI Miami


6. What is the last book you read?

– “Side Effects” by Augusten Burroughs


7. What colour are your socks?



8. What is your fave. cartoon character?

– Snoopy


9. What is the worst phase in your life?

– Adulthood


10. What is the best part of your life?

– My childhood before I was 13 (when the bullying started)


11. When did you lose your virginity?

– 2 /1/2 weeks before I turned 22


12. What was the happiest moment in your life?

– When I was 11


13. What did you have for breakfast?

– A glazed donut


14. What are you addicted to?

– Chocolate


15. What is your view on porn?

– It’s depraved immoral perverted smut


16. What is your view on the environment?

– Blown waaay out of proportion; too many scare tactics and fear mongering used. I think people should come first, before the planet. Enviro- indoctrination and propaganda has become the New World Religion and I shun it.


17. What is the best thing you ever found?

– 20 $ on the road when I was 13. I bought a guinea pig with it.


18. What do you wish your family knew about you?

– That I want to be loved, not just  tolerated.



As well, now  every time when the 5 YR old swears (eg. calls someone a “f*cker”) he gets a check mark and when he gets a total of 10 checks he gets a punishment, and my hubby jeered at me, “YOU should,TOO!” and I told HIM, “I’m NOT one of the kids and I’m sick of always being TREATED like I’m one!” and he sneers that I’M a “bad example to the kids” but what can HE say when HE’S the one that eats with his fingers, reads at the table, wears his shoes in the house, slurps out of his dish, drinks milk out of the carton, etc. HE’S the BIGGEST loser of ALL, and besides, HE swears, too, only he just pretends like he doesn’t, which is even worse as that makes him a hypocrite and a liar, and that’s even WORSE!! As for the  5 YR old not only does he hit, kick, pinch, and bite the other kids now he also does to my hubby, my mother, and me, as well and he’s the only kid that’s EVER done that to the adults! He MUST have some sort of conduct disorder but as always no one listens to me and just says I “over-react” and they automatically just dismiss and ignore anything that *I* have to say, but I KNOW he MUST have SOMETHING wrong with him…..