Habemus Papam!!

PopeFrancis We have a new Pope!! He is Pope Francis, the former Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, the Archbishop of Buenes Aires, Argentina, and he is 76, a former austere Jesuit priest who has mainly stayed in his native Argentina. He is the son of Italian immigrant parents and is the first non-European Pope.(Well, technically he’s European by background but not by birth) He came second to the former Pope Benedict in 2005 and almost became Pope then and is NOT a Vatican insider; he’s not a Vatican crony so hopefully he will be able to successfully be able to rid the Vatican of corruption since he has no allegience to anyone there,and he’s honourable, has a clean portfolio, and is humble, even refusing a car and driver and takes public transportation, cooks his own meals and has a small apartment, having rejected a mansion as Archbishop,preferring to live a simple life.

Pope Francis is also traditional in religious theology, staunchly anti-abortion and against homosexuality,and is an advocate for the poor and for social justice.He is conservative(thankfully NOT one of those progressive liberal types!) and hopefully will be able to do some “housecleaning” and rid the Vatican and the Church of corruption, apostacy,and abuse.I think the Cardinals have chosen the right man for the job( it only took 2 days and 5 voting sessions) and I have a good feeling about him. We have to give him a chance and see what he can do,and hopefully he can bring the Church back to holiness and righteousness.

I also had a funny dream Tuesday night that the Vatican accidently sent out white smoke(signally a new Pope has been elected) before it was time when it was supposed to have been black smoke( indicating the cardinals have voted but haven’t chosen a Pope yet) so when they realized their mistake they had to frantically quickly put more chemicals into it to make it black so people wouldn’t get the wrong idea by mistake! Psych!